heyyy girlsss ♥

soo, we all know how suck-ish headaches are. ): here are simple relaxation methods and ways to reduce your terrrible headaches.

-O1;; Rest♥
laying down in a dark room for at least 20 minutes. prop up your head on a pillow so the tension is released from your head and evenly spreads through your body.

-O2;; Massaging♥
massage your neck, upper back, & behind your earlobes. if possible, have someone else do it. (if not just do it yourself lol.) the soothing massage will help release pressure.

-O3;; Hydrotherapy♥
i know what your thinking: what in the world is hydrotherapy? ill tell ya (: Hydrotherapy is when you switch between cold and hot to relax your muscles. so heres what you do! take a hot water bottle & put it on the base of your neck for two minutes. take it off, then take a cold pack (or ice wrapped in a towel) and put it on the base of your neck for two minutes. do this for about 7-10 minutes. 

-O4;; Visualization♥
picture your in a peaceful place (ex: beach, forest, park, mountains, etc) and lay down. close your eyes and maybe listen to some soothing music. you can also visualize yourself with no headache.

-O5;; Medication
if your headache is really bad, take aspirin or other headache relievers. 

hope this helps ! PM us requests or formspring us @ Tipchickas. ♥

xoxo, justinee. @justine-renae
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