Im sure at one point we all get those annoying, dark, under eye circles that make us look rly tired! so here are some ways to get rid of them!!

O1. Don't spend lots of time on the computer (or electronics in general) ! I say spend a max of maybe 1-2 hours top a day! Come on girl dont give into temptation, there are LOADS of other things you can be doing then wasting time on the computer! if you dont want those under eye circles then the electronics have to go! 

O2. Drink lots of water! actually really helps! take sips through out the day and try to remember it, you will see differences very quickly if you drink lots!

O3. Go to bed early! yeah this is a pretty obvious one but hey it actually works! try going an hour before you usually do! go to bed maybe at 9pm! try it! that way you minimize your time on the computer, while getting a whole extra hour of sleep and getting rid of those under eye circles!

O4. If you are doing these things and they still wont go away, then try using these 3 steps:
 1. Put on brightening moisturizer 
 2. Apply under eye primer
 3. Use color correcter underneath your concealer
and voila they should be gone!!!
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