heyya girls! ♥ 
As everyone already knows, it's almost bikini season! Woop woop :) So I know most of you are trying to get back and shape and, well, a tighter tummy! I've learned a lot from my personal trainer at the gym, so I wanna share with you girls the tips that she gives me! <3

*First off, CARDIO! Cardio is so important. Do cardio everyday! I like cardio exercises that all include the stomach. A cardio workout that I reccomend the most is Zumba. It's basically this latin dance workout. Not only is it fun, but I've been getting amazing results! There's a lot of ab excersising in Zumba without having to do yucky crunches. They sell Zumba DVD's, you can watch it free on youtube, and most gym's have Zumba classes (that's what I do!). So yeah. Cardio! 
Also, another great workout for the abs is swimming. It's cardio but it also strengthens your body too.
Running is also great cardio, because you're working out all of your muscles. =]

*Ab exercises. Honestly, I hate them. And what you MUST remember is that these ab exercises, sadly, won't get rid of belly fat. (Cardio does that!) But it does strengthens your core which is so good for your body! Your core is the center of all workouts. Have a really strong core? Do really great workouts longer which equals better results! <3 So, here are some nice ab exercises:

1. "Bicycle"- Lie on the floor, keeping your hands behind your head for support, NOT to help you at all during the workout. Bring your knees towards your chest & lift your shoulder blades off the floor. Remember, relax the neck. Your neck isn't the one working out! Straighten the left leg out while turning your body to the right, up to the knee. Switch sides, doing the same thing. Continue alternating sides in a pedaling motion. :) I do this for about 50 times, go do something else, and then do 50 more.

2. Exercise ball crunch- Basically, this is crunches on an exercise ball. These are more effective than doing them on the floor because you're moving more of your muscles. 

3. Crunches w/ legs straight up in the air- Title explains everything, haha.

4. Upwards Crunch- Okay, I made a name up for this one. I don't know what it's called. But it's where you keep your arms straight up and do an average crunch, only you're lifting your body UPWARDS instead of towards your knees. This works your upper stomach area. 

5. Reverse crunch- With your legs bent and your entire body straight on the floor, lift your bent knees toward your chest. This mostly works your lower stomach.

6. "Plank"- You can do the modified version where you just stay on push-up position (but you just stay there, you don't do a push up, lol) or to make it harder (which is better!) you can get down on your elbows and do it. Just stay in that position for as long as you can. I can do it for almost 2 minutes straight.

7. "Roll- Up"- Lie down and keep your entire body straight, arms up above you. Slowly roll your body upwards, then down towards your legs. Slowly go back down. Repeat.

And the last tip is to simply eat healthy! I know it's not easy for some people. But you'll get used to it, trust me! ♥

(: Thank you all for reading! 
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Wrote 9 months ago
Excellent tips!

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Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
Does the ab excercises just tone ur stomach?



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