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  • Ellen Page Would Love to Make Joss Whedon's KITTY PRYDE Movie GeekTyrant
    Director Joss Whedon has said several times over the years that he would love to make a Kitty Pryde movie one day. I doubt it will ever happen, but if one day it does happen, Ellen Page will be there to star in it! In a recent interview with Vulture, she was asked if she has heard of Whedon's plan and replied, "I have heard that, yeah! Well, I'm available. I love that. Kitty Pryde's awesome. I'm super grateful to be the actress who's gotten to be her, and you only desperately hope that the true fans who have a right to demand what they want and who have been passionate about these stories for a really long time, that you can pull it off for them. I would be so thrilled to play Kitty Pryde again, I really would." Whedon is great at what he does, and I'd love to see what he would do for a standalone Kitty Pryde movie. Right now Page is working with director Bryan Singer on X-Men: Days of Future Past, and she went on to talk about working with him, saying, "I don't know how he pulls off everything he does in a day. He is really great with actors and really wants the truth of the performance to exist, to sort of elevate that kind of a film, which I feel he did with the first two 'X-Men' movies. He was sort of the first to take that kind of a spectacle of film and tell a deeply, deeply human story." It will be interesting to see how big of a role she will play in that story. I'm not sure how big of a fan demand there is for Kitty Pryde, but if Whedon made the movie, I would definitely watch it!
  • Instagram templates PDF packet includes comments page
    This is a packet of instagram templates for classroom use. Included is a blank author posting template, a blank profile page, and a blank page for additional
  • Punk Edits Oh
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    My punk edit of Ariana Grande that I made! :) Xx Vaya | See more about ariana grande.
  • Sarah's page
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    ~Motionless in White AHHHHH THEY ARE COMING TO UTAH ON THE 22ND OF AUGUST I'M SOOOOOO GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH | See more about city lights, cities and white.
  • What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best (Hardcover)
    Find product information, ratings and reviews for a What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best (Hardcover).
  • Good Night, Gorilla (Reprint) (Paperback)
    Find product information, ratings and reviews for a Good Night, Gorilla (Reprint) (Paperback).
  • Demi Devonne Lovato's Page
    Demi Devonne Lovato's Page on The Twilight Saga
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  • Update from the band!
    Hello P-more family! Lots to talk about, so little time to talk about it all! First of all, we can't say thank you enough to everyone who came to see us on The Self-Titled Tour. Honestly, it couldn't have gone any better. Big shows, loads of people, new fans and old school fans! To the long-time super hardcore dedicated bunch: it's a little nuts to think that we've been touring for 8 years now and you have stuck with us through thick and thin. Seeing your faces up front will never get old and your pictures from the shows were both incredibly humbling and gratifying. To those of you who've just discovered what it means to be a part of our family, it was amazing to see you all out there and hear you sing along to all the songs - even the deep cuts! Thank you to everybody who made that tour what it was and what it will forever be. We will most definitely see you again and hopefully sooner than later! Some of you will see us this month on our little holiday run. All the Jingle Ball shows and radio shows... we've got 'em covered. One little thing though... Maybe you already know but just in case you don't: Jeremy and his wife, Kathryn, are getting ready to have their baby girl! We're weeks away now. We all thought that maaaaaybe that was a little bit important and everybody told him that if he needed to bolt, we'd completely get it and we'd cheer him on from over here and swing the holiday shows without him. So he won't be with us at these Christmas shows but now he can go ahead and be with his family in England and he and Kat can bring their little one into the world! Make sure to send Jeremy lots of love and pictures from the shows and messages for him and Kat and the 1st P-more baby. We can't wait to meet her! Maybe you're wondering how the heck we're gonna play shows without Jeremy slapping the funky funk out of his bass? Don't worry… we took care of it. We're psyched to let you know that for all the dates in December, our producer/friend/ridiculously talented musician, Justin Meldal-Johnsen will be joining us! So Philly, you will see him with us tonight! It's gonna be a lot of fun and a really memorable bunch of shows. This is an exciting time for our band. Having our best friend become a dad, playing some shows with someone who really helped Paramore get to where we're at today, and to be able to celebrate the year that we've had and end it only to start another great year just doing what we do. Check the tour dates on our page to see if we're playing any holiday/radio shows near you and if we are, come hang and celebrate with us! Speaking of next year… We'll be releasing a brand new single along with a new video! "Ain't It Fun" will officially be out some time in January :) Thanks for being patient with us. We just shot the video yesterday in our hometown and now we're just waiting for all the editing, revisions, and approvals to start! No official release date for the single has been set and as usual, the video release will follow suit. We'll keep you posted! This one is gonna be a good time. Alright. See you at the show! Hayley & Taylor (with Jeremy in spirit all the way from ol' Blighty!!)
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  • Little Mix Salute
    Wonderland consistently pushes the boundaries of fashion, style, music and culture. Published quarterly, the magazine features exclusive photoshoots and interviews with the biggest celebrity names and style icons alongside trendsetting fashion editor als.
  • Cassandra Clare Books
    Jace Wayland Morgenstern Lightwood Herondale | See more about jace wayland.
    • BLONDY Hautenge Röhrenjeans in Mittelblau
    • Sexy-Sweaters
    • Kushandwizdom - Kush x Mickey
    • Air Jordan Retro 5 Preschool Basketball Shoe
  • How to Make Kombucha An Illustrated Mother/Daughter Tale
    See how a dripping blob of bacteria and yeast makes fizzy, homemade kombucha and bonds a mother and daughter. Liberally illustrated with drawings of Kombucha Killers, Vessel Guide, Friendly Add-Ins, Dangers Signs and Brewing Steps.
  • Forever Alone Most popular images all time page 3
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  • Forever Alone Most popular images all time page 3
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  • Alex Russo™'s Page - The Twilight Saga
    Alex Russo™'s Page on The Twilight Saga
  • Nathan Sykes Opens Up About His Relationship With Ariana Grande!
    Neither Ariana Grande or Nathan Sykes have said much about their rumored relationship since it came out they were dating a week after her split...
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  • Social Publisher Wattpad Raises $17.3M From Khosla, Jerry Yang, Others
    Who says reading is dead? It's certainly doing well for social publishing startup Wattpad, which just raised a big $17.3 million Series B. The funding was led by Khosla Ventures, with Khosla's Andrew Chung (who, in the press release, says the publishing industry is "ripe for digi..
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  • Balloons Coloring Book Page
    Print out and color or decorate this balloons coloring book page.
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