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I know you asked Max to do it, but I really wanted to make this tip. c:

+ Start Small ;
Maybe instead of immediately going vegan, try to go vegetarian. Start eating fewer meat products. Try replacing meat with fruits and veggies. c: Tofu is also a great choice!

+ Your Kitchen ;
Go through your kitchen and remove any and all meat products! If you don't have access to them, you can't eat them.

+ Your Progress ;
Check your progress after about a month. If you have successfully gone through a month without meat, definitely try going to the next level and becoming a vegan. c: If you did eat meat in that period, maybe just keep trying to go vegetarian. You'll get there soon enough. (:

+ Going Vegan ;
Going vegan can be pretty hard - I've done it before for a week. I was totally unprepared, which made it really difficult, so I'll give you guys some tips. c:

- Substitute!
Instead of drinking real milk, you can drink almond milk, etc. You can find other substitutes online. (:

- Ask For Help
Your city may have a vegan or vegetarian market! Ask the workers there for some help. c: They definitely want to help you be successful in your journey.

- Stay Healthy
Like I said, I was very unprepared, so whenever I was hungry, I pretty much just ate whatever I could find that was vegan. I ended up eating a lot of bread and pasta. All the carbs made me feel really sick and sluggish. Try to eat more natural stuff. c:

- Eating Out
Eating out is possible! PETA has a list of chain restaurants with vegan options.

- Reminders
Reminder yourself periodically of why you're doing this! You will be much healthier, you're helping animals, etc. (:

- Feeling Like the Only One ;
This might help.

- Recipes ;
Have a lot of recipes bookmarked, printed out, etc so you'll have something to reference.

Sorry this was so short. :( I hope it helps, though!

- Sarah. xx

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