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I know you asked Max to do it, but I really wanted to make this tip. c:

+ Start Small ;
Maybe instead of immediately going vegan, try to go vegetarian. Start eating fewer meat products. Try replacing meat with fruits and veggies. c: Tofu is also a great choice!

+ Your Kitchen ;
Go through your kitchen and remove any and all meat products! If you don't have access to them, you can't eat them.

+ Your Progress ;
Check your progress after about a month. If you have successfully gone through a month without meat, definitely try going to the next level and becoming a vegan. c: If you did eat meat in that period, maybe just keep trying to go vegetarian. You'll get there soon enough. (:

+ Going Vegan ;
Going vegan can be pretty hard - I've done it before for a week. I was totally unprepared, which made it really difficult, so I'll give you guys some tips. c:

- Substitute!
Instead of drinking real milk, you can drink almond milk, etc. You can find other substitutes online. (:

- Ask For Help
Your city may have a vegan or vegetarian market! Ask the workers there for some help. c: They definitely want to help you be successful in your journey.

- Stay Healthy
Like I said, I was very unprepared, so whenever I was hungry, I pretty much just ate whatever I could find that was vegan. I ended up eating a lot of bread and pasta. All the carbs made me feel really sick and sluggish. Try to eat more natural stuff. c:

- Eating Out
Eating out is possible! PETA has a list of chain restaurants with vegan options.

- Reminders
Reminder yourself periodically of why you're doing this! You will be much healthier, you're helping animals, etc. (:

- Feeling Like the Only One ;
This might help.

- Recipes ;
Have a lot of recipes bookmarked, printed out, etc so you'll have something to reference.

Sorry this was so short. :( I hope it helps, though!

- Sarah. xx

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@justheretoread vegans can most eat gluten...

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Going vegan is very hard even though I have been a vegetarian for almost over 2 years I am trying desperately to go vegan it's quite hard because all you eat is fruit and vegetables no dairy no meat (obviously) not even gluten and everything has gluten in it! If your going to Try and go vegan it will take a long time!



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