Hey! This is my first tip on this account. Well, besides my crazy get-to-know me set. Haha. I'm home sick right now, so sorry if this tip is lacking in anything. It's basically on growing your hair long quickly, and just to keep it overall healthy. Here we goo...

~One of the myths surrounding fast hair growth is that you have to get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. In reality, you only need to get your hair trimmed if you have split ends, otherwise it won't make your hair grow faster. You can even trim split ends yourself if you feel comfortable enough doing so. As soon as you see split ends popping up in your hair, take scissors and snip them off. you can buy hair scissors any most beauty supply stores.

~Your hair is the most vulnerable when it's wet, so keep yourself from twisting hair or rubbing a ton with a towel. instead, pat hair with a towel. You can also lean so that your hair is to one side, and then squeeze it with a towel to remove the moisture. Lots of rubbing can lead to split ends, or break your hair off. Both of these will slow the hair growing process down.

~When you comb your hair after a shower or bath, use a large tooth comb or pick; begin at your ends, working your way up to the roots. Since wet hair is so fragile, you should avoid being rough with your hair. With that being said, you should avoid going to sleep with wet hair to keep it from breaking.

~When you're brushing your dry hair, use a boar bristle brush. Also, flip your hair upside down to brush. This stimulates your scalp and hair follicles, and moves the natural oils down your hair shaft.

~Wash your hair less frequently so that the oils your body naturally produces can moisturize it. You should also use cool water to rinse your hair after both shampooing and conditioning. This helps to keep hair shiny for longer periods of time without the use of shine sprays. The average person should wash their hair every other day or less. Also note that dry shampoos are a good alternative to washing daily. 

~Conditioners should always be used after each shampoo so that the nutrients can be replenished. Avoid applying conditioner to your scalp, because it can weigh down your hair. And rinse the conditioner completely out of your hair. Leave the conditioner on your hair for one or two minutes before rinsing, though, so it has time to stimulate your hair shaft and do it's job.

Some recipes for better hair;

~ Ingredients: egg, banana, one teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of milk, and five teaspoons of olive oil. 
Just massage into your hair and scalp and let it sit for 25 minutes. then, continue with your normal bathing routine.

~ Ingredients: equal parts honey to olive oil
Again, massage into scalp and hair, and let sit for 25 minutes before shampooing and conditioning.

~ Ingredients: an egg yolk, two tablespoons of olive oil, and one cup of strawberries 
Blend these together in a food processor, and massing into hair and let sit for 15 minutes. then shampoo and condition.

~ Ingredients: equal parts water and apple cider vinegar
Rinse your hair with this, and it will get rid of any residue left over from products like conditioner and serum.

~ Ingredients: Olive oil, or basically any type of oil
Put the oil into the microwave for 35 seconds, and then rinse out after massaging into into your scalp for a few minutes.

Hope these tips and recipes help you out!
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