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Hey everyone!
Heather here, this tip was requested by @swagglikeari. (:
Well obviously. What I mean is, instead of hanging out at school or somewhere after school, just go straight home. And also try to avoid taking classes after school. Art, ballet, etc.
When you get home from school, hide your bag. This is the first thing to do. Forget about school.
And hide any other things that remind you of school. ;)
I cannot stress this enough. Before you go to school, or before you go to sleep at night make sure your room is clean! Make your bed, pick up your clothes and loose papers. There is no way you can have a relaxed day with a messy room.
First step to relaxation is to be clean. So take a shower, get rid of all your makeup and put on comfy clothes.
So forget about school and just relax. Do something you like to do. Go on Polyvore, read, and sleep; whatever you want to do. Stop worrying about the next day of school, or all your homework.
&+ EAT
Eat dinner or a snack. Or even just drink something to calm you like hot chocolate. You shouldn’t start homework with an empty stomach.
So do your homework but take your time. Don’t get all stressed out. Take breaks if you need to.
Here’s a tip by me to help you with homework: http://www.polyvore.com/concentrating_when_doing_homework/set?id=85145114&lid=2493626
After your homework is done, do whatever you want to again, but for a while. Don’t stay up late. Its important for you to get a proper night of sleep. Go to sleep before 12 am. Make sure your room is clean before though! Getting full night’s sleep is important for you to have another relaxed day, the next day. (:
Well I hope this helps you all. (:
School is starting soon :(
Have a great day girls!
-Heather (@ready2roc)
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