This wont make manicures last more weeks but, days added on.

1~ Nail buffer
These smooth nails. Bought from any drug store. Makes nail varnish go on easier and less lumps for even coverage.

2~Less polish is more.
Swipe excess polish on side of bottle before you apply. Thinner coats last longer than thick ones. Layers that are thick chip easier.

3~Add thin.
Thin bottom layer that's not blotchy makes better covering. More layers not more polish on brush.

4~Add layers
Add another layer by layer to get the effect you want. Make sure layers are dry before the new one goes on.

5~Top layer
Seal all the polish with top coat. Very important to trap the colour.

6~Add new layer in few days.
New top coat in few days later gives extra protection. 

Slower you apply the polish the better you will apply it. Take care in the brush strokes as the faster you paint the more smudges could happen.

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