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hey beautiful, it's miranda!

on this tip, i'm going to be talking about how to lighten your hair naturally, or without using dye. now that it's summer, lots of girls want their hair to be lighter, it's just how it is. we all want that golden beachy hair during the summertime , am i right, am i right? if you have very dark hair, ie; black or dark brown, some of these may not have any effect on your hair, or may give your hair a more orange tint to it rather than blonde. 

so let's begin c: 

01. cinnamon - cinnamon is actually a very good lightener, something i didn't know! you'll need some ground cinnamon & your favorite conditioner. just add a bit of cinnamon to about a handful of your conditioner and lather it throughout all of your hair, making sure it's all evenly coated. after you're done, put youe hair up and keep it in some kind of wrap (ex; plastic, towel, etc...) and keep it on overnight! in the morning rinse your hair out and shampoo it, this method can be used multiple times for greater effects! c: 

02. vitamin c ! vitamin c is extremely good for you & your hair, but also provides great lightening. you just need about 8 crushed up tablets of vitamin c. then you just mix them in with your shampoo and, voila! you now have vitamin c added to your shampoo that will give you daily lightening! 

03. lemons! the old tried and true way that everyone seems to be lightening their hair with. i know lots of girls that have used lemon juice for their hair, and it really does work ! c: just mix around a cup of water with a couple tablespoons of lemon juice and soak it into your hair. now, go outside (make sure it's nice out when you do it!) and sit in the sun until your hair has dried, and there you go, your hair should be a bit lighter (:

04. honey & olive oil! for this method, you need to mix 1/2 a cup of honey and 1/2 a cup of olive oil together in a bowl. once you've mixed it until it is smooth, you can apply your mixture to wet hair. let the mixture sit in your hair for about thirty minutes, however, the longer you let it sit, the lighter your hair will be c: after this, wash and rinse out your hair. 

05. hydrogen peroxide! i personally use this to help whiten my teeth, but you can also use it to lighten your hair! peroxide is great at lightening things, but you need to be careful with it. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE BLACK OR DARKLY COLORED HAIR IT WILL TURN ORANGE, and we don't want that now do we, hahah c: pour an equal amount of peroxide and water into a spray bottle of some sort and spray bottle and spray it throughout your hair, leave it in for about twenty to thirty minutes. ALSOOO, DO NOT leave it in for over forty minutes as it can dry out your hair & damage it. and don't forget, wash and rinse your hair really good after you're done c:

so there we have it babes, how to naturally lighten your hair at home, without the harmful and damaging effects that hair dye or highlights can leave on your hair from the dangerous chemicals they contain. i hope this helps some of you out there that are hoping to become little beach goddesses this summer c; hahahaha, i'm totally kidding... maybe not. but i really do hope this helps because i know a lot of us are looking to have a shade or two lighter hair during the summer months. love you guys! :*

x o x o , 
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