Tumblr girls are flawless to us. They have long flowing hair, perfect tans, amazing eyes and perfect makeup. Every teen tumblr user fiercely reblogs their photos but we all want to be the person in that flawless photo. This article will show you how. ♥

1. CLOSET ♥ Mostly tumblr girls wear things like... 
● Cropped tops
● Ripped jeans&Black leggings/tight's
● VANS tumblr girls wear almost always Vans
● Wear colors like black,blue,purple,red etc...
● Checked shirts and knitted stuff is good!(: 

2. ACCESOIRES ♥ Tumblr girls wear a lot o accesoires, mostly a bang of bracelets with beadles etc... Also rings are very important, weare rings like turquoise, crucifix rings, peace symbols, words...

3. HAIR ♥ Mostly Tumblr girls wear it straight or wavy, almost never you see curls, braids or fishbraids are very common. Sometimes theye DiyDip their hair ♥

4. MAKEUP ♥ Theye make there eyes black, and their lips stay natural or nude...

♥TIPS♥ BellyButon piercings are also used!
Dress in your comfort zone when it comes to showing skin..

I hope I helped ♥ XOXO Alice ♥♥♥♥
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