how to make a collage !

I'm not sure if this at all helpful, because I'm no good at tutorials, but I tried my best. If you have any questions, PM me. :)
Oh and let me just apologize, in advance, for the unsightly tags on everything. I didn't want to do it. But unfortunately I can't really trust people on polyvore not to steal my work. ~
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  • pwotw - round two.
    "So you want to know how to make a collage set, hm? Well, you've come to the right place! :D" — laiceyyy
  • Solid border
    "STEP 1. Start off with square border. I just use this as a guide, to make sure that the set will be a perfect square." — laiceyyy
  • katy perry | Tumblr
    "STEP 2. Choose your first picture. Make sure it's something you can easily crop around. Like this picture of Katy Perry. :)" — laiceyyy
  • laicey's tutorial thing. NEVER USE.
    "STEP 3. Now that you have your first cropped picture, place it towards the bottom middle of the square. This gives you a good place to start, because now you can build up the entire set from there." — laiceyyy
  • laicey's tutorial thing. NEVER USE.
    "STEP 4. Katy was looking a little lonely, so my first instinct was to place items on both sides of her. You should start doing the same with your set. To find items/pictures to put in your collage, just look through your items for "croppable" images. While you're at it, you can just go ahead fill out the bottom, so you have a foundation to build up from." — laiceyyy
  • laicey's tutorial thing. NEVER USE.
    "STEP 5. Time to start moving the collage upward. As you can see, I accomplished that here by adding the Vampire Diaries cast photo. Now you can do the same thing you did with the first picture, and add items on each side to start filling out the spaces around it. Also, if you still have spaces around your other pictures, you can fill those in." — laiceyyy
  • laicey's tutorial thing. NEVER USE.
    "STEP 6. Okay, you should be about halfway done now. If you're not, that's fine. There's no rush. Basically now, you can just keep repeating step 4. Each time you add a new item, just keep filling the space around it. Do this until you've filled the entire square." — laiceyyy
  • laicey's tutorial thing. NEVER USE.
    "STEP 7. We're almost done! The square is filled, and you can now remove the border. To make the collage look cool and/or vintage-y, you can put an overlay on it. ->" — laiceyyy
  • Old-Photo-Template-psd
    "STEP 7, continued. This is the overlay I'll be using; but you can use a different one, if you want. Just place it over the entire set. (Actually, you don't need to use an overlay at all, if don't want to.)" — laiceyyy
  • my heart's keeping time to the speed of sound.
    "And voila, the finished product !" — laiceyyy

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