Who else is a Harry Potter fanatic? Hmm, ME! I am obsessed, and was with Harry from the start. So here is a recipe for a Harry Potter cake! AWESOME source http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR984IA5XCw and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJnupeWO4u8
Anyways..... ON TO THE TIP!

1. Follow your boxed cake instruction(or from scratch) to make the basic cake.
2. Now carve or cut your cake. To give the impression of an open book, carve a bit in the middle of your cake, creating a dip.
3. Cover your cake with white frosting.
4. Let it cool in the fridge to harden.
5. Lay out icing sugar on your surface and mix some food coloring, after, knead knead knead!
6. Warm up your fondant in small intervals until slightly soft.
7. Roll out fondant.
8. Now roll your fondant onto your rolling pin and then cover your cake with fondant. Pat down fondant and adjust fondant.
9. Braid some gold fondant and place it in the middle.
10. Pipe some spells or text from the books.
11. Roll out gold fondant into a long rectangle and make fondant red rectangles to make stripes. Then use a knife to make slits at the bottom and top and place on cake.
12. Roll out a brown snake and add decor to create a wand on your cake.
13. Use a toothpick to make pages on the sides.
14. Get black fondant and roll it out. Cut out 2 strips of it. Then 2 circles. Attach to make glasses.
15. Take gold fondant and roll into ball. Take a white chocolate melt and cut it in half. Make grooves onto the bottom. Position them on snitch. Add to cake.

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