Hey girls! It's Carrie :) (@theboholife)
I decided that I would make a tip on how to make money online because people ask me ALL THE TIME for tips on making money.
I make money online by using a website called Cashcrate (I'll link it below). For my first check, I made $53, which is really good! If you are looking for a way to get easy cash every month, I definitely recommend Cashcrate! (linked below)

What is Cashcrate?

Cashcrate is a website that pays its members to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, etc. Each survey pays about 80 cents, which is quite a good pay compared to other surveys. It is required to make a minimum of $20 to receive a check. This is not hard to do at all! A check is sent out every month to those who made at least $20. Cashcrate is NOT a scam and several people use it! The reviews are good, so you don't have to worry about scams.

Why do I recommend it?

1. It's safe and reliable
Cashcrate has very good reviews and is one of the most popular websites that pay people to do surveys. Several people use the website and say that it is not a scam. I use the website, and I promise you, it isn't a scam! They even have pictures of people's checks on their website: http://pnw.cdn.mach.net/A8CF4D/checkwall_img/69386f6bb1dfed68692a24c8686939b9.jpg
So believe me, it's real! You can actually make money on this website :) I just wouldn't recommend giving out your credit card number on any of the offers, because you never know. But overall, this website is reliable.

2. You only need to be 13 years old to sign up!
Usually these kinds of websites require you to be 18 years old, but for Cashcrate, you only need to be 13! Most of you girls are around 13-16, so this is the perfect opportunity to make cash. It's very hard to find jobs at such young ages, so Cashcrate is something that you should definitely consider if you want to make money.

3. It is SO easy + pays a very good amount of money!
You can do surveys, complete offers, watch videos, etc. I mostly do surveys and the average survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and most of them pay about 80 cents. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it really adds up! Think about it... If you were to take only one survey, every day, for a month, and received 80 cents each time you completed the survey, that would total about $24 by the end of the month! Just to take one survey a day for 10 minutes! I think it's quite a deal. 

When you sign up for Cashcrate, I would recommend creating another email address just for Cashcrate, because sometimes they send ads and other links. The "spam" isn't that bad though, so that's another reason why I love Cashcrate :)

So why shouldn't you join Cashcrate? There's really no reason not to join. It's free, you get paid every month, it is easy, it is reliable, you just need to be 13, you get moolah. 

Sign up :)

I hope you girls found this tip useful <3 Cashcrate is seriously a great website, so be sure to sign up on the link above :) It is completely safe and is definitely not a scam. If you have any more questions about Cashcrate, don't hesitate to ask me. Hope to talk to you soon!
Carrie (@theboholife)
Sign up on Cashcrate: http://www.cashcrate.com/4680618

Signed up? Here are some ways to earn money!
Once you set up your account, refer it to all of your friends and family. Cashcrate gives you a specific referral link, so email the link to everyone you know, post it on your facebook, anything. When someone sets up an account under your referral link, you get 20% of the money that they make, and they still get the same amount of money that they would normally get, so it's still fair :) That's the number one way to earn more money. 
Other tips: 
-Try to do at least one survey everyday. Doing one survey (that pays 80 cents) a day everyday for a month can get you around $20, which is the minimum amount you need to get a check. 
-You need to CONSTANTLY check the Top Surveys tab to find surveys that have been recommended for you. Sometimes, these surveys pay over a dollar, which is great! 
-Always check the videos tab for videos and keep watching the videos until there aren't anymore videos. You earn money for watching the videos. 
-You also get some money for setting up your profile. 
-Go to Cashcrate and find the search box that says "search the web and earn cash!" You earn a penny each time you search something in here. You can do this 10 times a day, which earns you one dime a day. (You have to do $1.00 in cash offers first though)
-Check the Bonus Surveys tab. You can find TONS of surveys here and there are no qualifications! They are also much quicker. 
-Basically, just try to complete as many surveys and offers as you can :) 
And yeah! The MAIN trick is to refer your link, so be sure to refer it to everyone! :)

Please fill in these surveys! Get TEN likes for filling in surveys!

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