Well EVERYONE hates it when your nails get all chipped faster.. here is a way to make it last LONGER♥
nail file (emery board)
nail buffer
cotton balls
nail polish remover
strengthening clear base coat
polish of choice
strengthening clear top coat 
small fan (optional)
freezer (optional)
File and buff your nails using an emery board and a nail buffer. Nice and smooth.
Begin your manicure with a clean and dry nail every time. Polish that is applied to an oily or dirty nail is more likely to chip off. Before applying the base coat, remove all excess oil (caused by lotion) or dead nail dust (brought on by the filing and buffing) with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. Allow your nails to completely dry.
O3.♥// Apply a very thin layer of a strengthening clear polish as your base coat. Allow your nails to completely dry. The drying process should take about one minute.
O4.♥// Apply the first coat of polish. Use the polish's brush to glide three smooth, thin strips of polish vertically along the nail, starting with a strip down the center of the nail that begins at the cuticle and ends at the tip of the nail. Repeat on each side. Allow your nails to dry for at least three minutes.
Repeat step four. But this time, finish by painting a fourth, thin strip of polish from the left to the right tip of your nail. (Pretend you are painting the "tip" of a french tip. This FiNAL application will help keep the tips of your nails from chipping as easily as it would if all strokes of polish had been delivered to the nail in the same direction.) Allow nails to dry for at least three minutes.♥
ONCEE your nails are dry, apply a clear top coat to protect the polish. Relax and wait for your nails to dry.
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