Hey there !! Another nail tutorial ! :D I told ya id be making lots of them! ;)

This one is REALLY E A S Y!

As you can see, there can be many colors! 

[[ The only differences between those 3 pics above, are the colors that are used, the SIZE of the dots!, and the DESIGN of the bow the black nails has. ]]

I will be showing you how to do the bow! at the end :D 

Lets beginn!!! 


what you'll need:

-Any color nail polish (for summer use, pick cool colors, and colors that go great with the season we are in.)

-White nail polish (or if you wanna be creative, use another color other then white for the dots.)

- Base coat

-Top coat

-Toothpick/ Nail dotting tool (if have one) / brish with thin tip, / Bobby pins

Step 1;;;
With clean,filed nails, apply base coat. Paint them with the color you have chosen. Make sure it's at least 2 coats .

Step 2;;;
This step depends on how big or small you want your dots to be. I wanted mines small so i used a Toothpick, and using white nail polish, start making evenly separated dots. 

[[If you want bigger dots, then use a nail dotting tool if you have one, if you dont, then use the Tip of a BOBBY PIN, this will give you bigger dots.

step 3;;;
When you are done making the dots on the nails you want them, apply top coat for pretty finish :)

-In the black nails above, there is a bow, if you want to make it, this is how.

-Take the tip of the bobby pin, and place a dot where you want the center of the bow to be, then on each side of that dot, your gonna use a toothpick to start making a triangle, the tip connecting with the dot thats the center of the bow. Make sure you are careful.

Bam ! Donee :D 
Hope this gives yall ideas ;D
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