I have been thinking to make this tip since April! Well on with the tip...

+The main things you would need are

- a notebook
- colorful pens, markers, colored pencils, whatever writing utensil you want to use.

You can add glitter or whatever if you want to! be creative. You might also want to cover the tittle page and make it your own.

+ the notebook

- The picture shows a composition book with rhinestones glued all over it, and the middle part it blackened and the tittle says quote book. I don't want lines in my quotebook so try to find a notebook without lines or you can do what i did and buy a sketch book instead. 

- To make your cover you can take colored paper or normal paper and decorate that. You can add drawing or quotes. make it how ever you want to make it. make a collage, make the cover out of fabric. make your cover how ever you want it to be.

+ Inside the quote book

- write your favorite quotes down, you can do 1 quote a page, or just fill a page with quotes.
- you can even make sure to keep your quotes on one topic like love or life.
- you don't even have to make this a quotebook, you can make it with you favorite song lyrics or a keep calm and carry on book!
- you can add pictures with your quotes like printing pictures off tumblr or you can just decorate the page with markers, ect. 
- write in different fonts, in cursive, with different colored pens, ect. 
-you can make your quotes have quotation marks around it, and you can also name the person who said the quote. 

" A wise girl kisses but does not fall in love"
-Marilyn Monroe 

You can even make a quotebook for somebody as a gift! I might make on for my friend about life or friends. 


PM us your requests!

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