I have noticed this is a trend this year. hope you like

there are two ways to do this.

first way: 

get a dress (cheap, you do not want to mess up an expensive dress) 
cut out a circle of paper for a patern and cut the circle in half, ( you can also do a triangle shape) and pin the halves to one or both sides of the dress, making sure you have the halves even with eachother.
next, takes some sissors and cut out the shape the half circles on the sides. 
now you are done, and can eather hem the sides or let it be :)

second way:
sewing machine
OR thread and needle

take a cheap skirt and top, and cut the sides of the top, angleing upwards.
sew the top and the skirt together, leaving the sides you cut upwards alone.
helf the sides if you want to, or you can leave it :)

tip by Robyn @thechasmisntfixedyet 
i really hope you liked, thanks!

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