*Note:This design really isnt that hard to do. Its really easy*
Things You'll Need:
~Sharpie(works best)
~Scissors(Fabric/sewing ones work best since it can cut fabric)
~Flat surface
1:Lay out your fabric on a flat surface...a table or the floor....if you do it on the couch or bed you'll end up screwing up...well I do anyways.

2:Draw two circles-they dont have to be perfect your drawing a scull face here- make sure there not side by side make sure theres enough fabric between them to hold it together.

3:Draw to egg shape underneath and in the middle of your 'eyes' make sure the rounded bottoms are pointing away from each other so they form almost a triangle.

4:Draw some teeth. They dont have to be perfect. They can be long,short anything. I dont line up the teeth but you can if you want to. You can make the teeth into a straight line for serious face or curve it upwards for a smiling or downwards for a frowning skull

5:CUT! I would poke a small hole with your scissors -CAREFULLY- then cut the pieces out. Be REALLY Carefully of NOT cutting your fingers and NOT cutting to close to other circles. You dont want one big circle you want it looking like a skull


**A)**if you want it in shirt form and is uncomfortable with showing skin/bra/etc off wear a tank top or under shirt underneath...Dont wear it the same color you want it standing out so if its black then wear a white tank.
**B)**I would suggest the skull be on a pair of colors skinnys/leggings/jeggings like my red ones just because they stand out from the color. They catch peoples eyes but black or blue jeans work well to :) 
**C)**Dont go over board with the teeth...it does look kinda tacky if you do to many.
**D)** You can add cheek bones if you want..I didnt

Hope this made some what sense :D
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