Hello there weary traveller.
Have you ever wondered if you can look SEXY?
I mean literally, Sexy. The Sexy. The Doctor's Sexy.
That's right ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls and aliens and K-9. Here, yes here, you can find a tutorial on how to make a Tardis Dress. Tried and tested by the one and only Ayesha, and modelled here by her hero, Eve Myles.

First, you need to know what to buy, right?

Well, it's simple. No matter what size dress you are, you can get this. You will need a dress. Don't bother making your own unless you are very gifted, or perhaps have alien technology at home. Go online or around your local shopping centre to find a blue dress. The plainer and simpler, the better.
I found mine online, it was literally £5. Seriously.

Then, you will need sheets of black and white felt.
The sheets I bought were A4 size, I suggest you buy at least five of each, and more if you want to be safe/have a bigger dress.

You will also need:
Fabric glue.
A needle.
Black and white thread.

Now, for how you make it. This may take multiple hours, and lots of hard work, but be patient. It definitely pays off.

1. Take your dress and measure out how big a square you can fit on it. In other words, make a template square on a piece of paper. On my dress, as you can see, there are six squares. Measure up the sides of the template so that they are all equal. My squares were 14cm x 14cm.

2. Cut out two squares using your measurements, in white felt. These will be the windows.

3. Then, measure out rectangles, big enough to fit six on each white square window. On my dress, those black window panes were 3.8cm x 6cm however make yours as big as you need them to be.

4. Now, stick all of these small rectangles onto the white squares in the right positions using blobs of that fabric glue. This may take a while to dry unless you use instant drying glue.

5. You may then stick each window to the dress, make sure that they are even. And then, wait for them to dry.

6. Once they are dry, to make them secure, sew the fabric around the edges onto the dress. Use the white thread, so it doesn't show up. Repeat with the second window.

7. Using the original square measurements, cut out four squares in black felt. These will be those patches on the dress that should really look like panels.

8. Repeat step 6 with these squares, placed on the dress like above.

You may now slip on your dress, declare yourself as Sexy and prance around the house 'VWORP'ing. Perhaps get a fellow male friend to dress as the Doctor and take you to a party/dance/convention/shops/another planet.


{Any questions? Made your own and want to show me? Comment below!}
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