Okay, have you ever wanted the little fairies to come by and sprinkle their fairy dust over your head. Well this is somthing that will draw them in. Fairies love wish jars. <3 So I will tell you how to make your own.

A canning jar (Or any jar,, you could even re-use a water bottle or soda bottle Fairies are eco-friendly too!)
Masking tape
Paper (I recomend note cards. It is easier to fit in the jar.)
And most importantly store bought Fairy Dust (glitter)

Step 1- Make sure your jar or bottle is clean. We dont want a messy wish jar now do we?

Step 2- Cut your ribbon or lace, it needs to be long enough to wrap around the neck of the jar a few times. After you wrap it around the neck a few times you will want to tie it into a bow. :) You can put as much ribbon or lace on the jar as you wish. 

Step 3- Put some masking tape in the middle of the front of the jar. And on it you can write Wishes (Wish Jar, My wishes ect.) You will want to write this in markers and in any color you want. (Fairies love your decisions. You were born original! :)

Step 4- Add your store bought fairy drust to the jar. Just sprinkle as much as you want in. But remeber Fairy Dust can be messy, so be careful.

Step 5- Write down your wishes on the note card/paper. After you have writen them down fold them up. And put them in a jar. (Come up with a ritual for your wishes. Like everytime I put a wish in I kiss it. Do a dance, sing ect. Like I said Fairies love originalitly.)

Step 6- After you put in your wishes and close the lid. shake it up, let the store bought fairy dust get all over those wishes. The store bought fairy dust should tell the fairies that wishes have been wished. Now Place the jar near a window or some source of light. That way the sun can guid the fairies to your jar. 

Step 7- After a month or so take out all of the wishes you have made in that time period (Now remeber you can make more wishes at anytime.) And read them. Make a pile of the wishes that Hvae come true and put the ones that haven't come true yet back in the jar. Now with the wishes that have come true you may do what ever you like with them. You can recycle them. (remeber Fairies are eco-friendly) Or save them. :). But keep the wishes that haven't come true yet back in the jar. Remeber to shake up the jar so the store bought fairy dust can get on them.


I hope this has helped. :)
Best wishes,
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This is sooo cute!! Making one soon.

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So cute! :)



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