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A lot of these work for vans too.(:
So, are you just bored of your converse? as freaking amazing as they are, after you have them for a while, they can get old. Soo, here's some ways you can make them like new!

1. Wash them. Yupp, you can just put them throught the washing machine if theyre dirty, they'll come out looking like new.

2. Lace them different! . that website has a bajillion ways you can lace your shoes, i change mine all the time.

3. Get new laces! It can make your shoes look totally different. Really bright colored laces look cool(: Orr, you can draw stripes on them like in the picture! 

4. Draw on the white part at the front that probably has a name but i dont know it. That doesn't really usually change how they look a ton, but its fun to do.(:

5. Paint them! Usually if you bought them yourself, you like the color they are. But if, like me, someone bought you a hideous colored pair, you can paint them a different color. Use fabric paint or acrylic paint. I did two pairs of mine with acrylic paint and you cant even tell they were painted. If you paint them white, the next option is also a lot easier..

6. Grab some sharpies and draw all over those things! This is so much fun if youre even a TINY bit artistic. oh my gosh, soo fun. Im in the middle of drawing adventure time characters on one of my pairs.(: Some things to draw: hearts, lyrics of your favorite songs, sayings that are important to you, stars, doodles, ADVENTURE TIME(;, rainbows, peace signs, stripes, polka dots, triangles, doodles, etc..
Well i hope this helped! If you need any more ideas of things to draw on your converse, just message me because i could honestly go on for hours.(:
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