Say you've auditioned for lots of accounts, and none of them seemed to be interested in your work. It's way better than to start your own than being a tip girl on any other account. I'm not saying it's not right to be on any other tip account though! (:

O1 ;; Set up your account
Try thinking of a catchy name, but do NOT copy other peoples names especially popular ones. People find that really annoying. 

O2 ;; Create your icon 
You can make your icon or just find a cool pic for your buddy icon. 

O3 ;; When you sign up create a email address for the tip account instead of your personal email. 

O4 ;; Hold auditions
Starting a tip account by yourself can get pretty hard. Find some girls that could help you out.
Here is a link to our audition set 
Make sure you ask in the information what there name is, age, experience, link to audition set, and such. 

O5 ;; Once you have your crew start making there icons and put them in your showcase. 
Start making sets if they seem inactive don't push them too hard.

O6 ;; Make a request set every once in awhile. So that you know what your followers are wanting.

O7 ;; Get more followers 
Follow, follow, follow! Follow as many tip accounts/ profiles as you can, and that will get you more followers. Also, make sure to follow people back if they start to follow your account.

O8 ;; Don't be mean to other people on there accounts. Don't copy other peoples ideas or sets. 

O9 ;; Respect your tip girls. If they break the rules don't go really hard on them. Give them a warning, and move on. If they continue it's probably time to kick them off the account. BE POLITE. Most of the time girls get kicked of because they (copy others sets, disobey the rules, not active, swears, rude, etc) 

1O ;; If you are the leader be active. If you can't for some reason pick a Co-leader (the most active girl) to fill in. 

11 ;; What if you get hacked? 
That is a BIG problem, but that's an easy fix. Obviously some tip girl on the account told someone the password. Don't fight if they confess kick them off the account. If you're not sure who it was change the password and start new auditions or a new account. 

Hope this helped! WE LOVE YOU GUYS! Xoxo, 
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