first off.. Im doing this cause i canceled all my requests since i wont be on.. & i think i kinda owe it to you guys.. (:
Im gonna try to make this simple :

01.. Find a picuture thats more of a rectangular shape.

02.. Go to (get started now.. upload photo)

03.. resize the photo to be |500| x |_?_|

04.. Crop the photo to be |500| x |100|

05.. Now you can edit.. add text, shapes, use the fade, anything you want.

06.. once you finish.. save the photo.

07.. upload the photo again. now its time to make 5 squares..

08.. go to crop. make a square. |100| x |100| and crop the first part from the very beginning

09.. resize the photo to |500| x |500|.

10.. save the photo & cancel

11.. upload the edited picture again.

12.. go to crop and this time.. make it |200| x |100| now you move the |200| side toward the other one to make your second square.. you stop when it says |100| x |100|.. (this makes it into a perfect square at where it left off..)

13.. resize it to 500.. save & cancel.. upload the edited one again..

14.. now this is all the same process at number 12.. its just that this is going to be your 3rd square so you have to do |300| x |100| then move it to |100| x |100|.. 

15.. resize it |500| x |500|.. save.. cancel.. upload edited one..

16.. now the rest of this is just like 12 & 14.. but instead you just do |400| x |100| & for 5th one you could just do a square.. then put it at the very end instead of doing the |500| x |100|. then moving it..

17.. upload it. & tada. (:
how to upload;


I hope i explained it ohkayy.? any questions.? comment the sett. (:
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