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*~Mint Floral Nails~*

You will need:
Base coat/Top coat
Blue-green nail polish (mint colour)
Light pink nail polish
Dark pink nail polish
Green nail polish
toothpick/nail art pen/thin brush

1. Paint a base coat on your nails, let it dry.
2. Paint the blue-green nail polish on your nails. Two coats should be enough. Let it dry.
3. Dab around three-to-four light pink dots of your blue-green base. DON'T let this one dry!
4. Dot a darker pink on top of the light pink and swirl that around with a toothpick, mixing the two colours together slightly. Don't mix them too much otherwise they will just become a messy blob! Leave this to dry.
5. Use a nail art pen, thin brush or another toothpick dipped in the nail polish for the leaves. Draw two leaf-shapes either side of your little swirly flower. Leave this to dry.
6. Finish with a top coat!


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three comments

Wrote 4 years ago
we are holding auditions right now

Wrote 4 years ago
well i haven't actually tried it but i'm going to and it looks easy! as long as you have toothpicks ;)

Wrote 4 years ago
was it actually easy?

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