Hey everyone! So today is going to be about how to get a really cool ombre nail look. A nail set was requested by @arianasings. She is awesome go check her out!! I hope you like this set everybody so lets get into it!

**Before you start I would recommend going to the bathroom first. You wouldn't want to mess up a perfect mani and then mess it up by having to go!

WhAt YoU WiLl NeEd-
*Two color polishes and a top coat. If you want you can add a sparkly coat on top to. You can use to colors that will compliment each other or if you want use two that don't for a more bold look!
*A sponge, a plastic sheet and some toothpicks. Any kind of sponge will work. The plastic sheet could be foil or a slip that comes from an old photo album even.

StEp OnE-
*Start off by painting your nails the lightest color and wait for it to dry completely.

StEp TwO-
*Next get your plastic sheet and spread it out flat. Then generously apply your two colors so that they are almost touching.

StEp ThReE-
*Next grab your toothpick and swirl the two colors together where they meet. The bigger of an area you mix will determine how much of a faded look you want. If you just want a little bit of fading then mix a smaller area.

StEp FoUr-
*Take your sponge and dab it into the polish a few times until the sponge is covered evenly in the polish on a flat side of the sponge.

StEp FiVe-
*Then dab your sponge onto your nail. Keep dabbing lightly while moving the sponge slightly up and down the nail. Repeat this step as much as desired just make sure each layer is dry before adding another layer.

StEp SiX-
*Now just add a top coat. You may need 2 or 3 to make your nail feel even because the sponging makes your nail feel bumpy. If you want the sparkly coat apply it before the top coat.

StEp SeVeN-
*To finish your nails just clean up around the edges with a Q-tip dipped in remover. If you are having troubles removing close to your nail dip a thin brush in remover and try using that.

This nail look is easy and will get you lots of compliments! I hope you like this look and will try it out :) Mwah bye!

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