Hi Girlies!

So with the ombre style becoming such a big trend - naturally everyone wants it, BUT this can cost A LOT in salons. This is an easy way to achieve this look at home.


-If you have dark brown or black hair, you may not want to go full blonde- i suggest a medium blonde to light brown.

-If you have blonde hair, try to go for a lighter blonde- but not WHITE blonde.


-Lots of dye brands promise a certain shade, only for it to come out way darker (trust me- it happened to me!) so choose a dye thats a shade or two lighter from what you want.

-Choose a ombre kit- like the ones L'Oreal sells, or a highlighting kit. This will give a subtler look and it gives the ombre affect easier.


- Section your hair into 3-4 parts, two in the front, 1/2 in the back. 

- Determine where you want the color to start. Tue a rubberband or cheap hairtie (one you don't mid getting stained) and tie it off. Then tie another about an inch below the first.


- Mix the dye and put it on the lower section that you tied off. Remember to test a strand before applying anything, and always check the color as you go along.

-if the instructions say keep the color in for 45mins, put the dye on the lower section for 15, the add it to the upper section so it can dye that part for 30mins. 1hr : 20 mins for the lower section alone then add the dye to the top for the last 40 etc.

- Remember- don't keep it in for too long, its better for it to come out to dark and be able to add more dye on later then for it to be to light and look horrible.


- Use the shampoo and conditioner that the packet supplies, and ALL OF IT. This deactivates the bleach so it won't keep dying you hair.


Then enjoy your ombre'd hair! It worked for me- and i hope it does for you too!

Kisses~ Moe ( @moe-the-human )
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