Hey! It's Jemma {@feels-like-snow-in-september} here, with a new tip! Okay, so I love nailpolish, and I have a huge box of every colour of the rainbow.. so I thought I'd show you the basics! I'm into nailart and all that too but that's a bit more advanced, especially if you are impatient when it comes to doing your nails cx Trust me guys, I know what I'm doing and I hate messing up this sort of stuff up, haha.

What you will need:

- Nailpolish colour(s) of your choice.
- Nailpolish remover/acetone.
- Cotton balls.
-Nail file (If you haven't already filed your nails).
- Base coat/clear coat (optional).
- Top coat/clear coat (optional but recommended).

How to:

- Start off with clean, filed nails. If you haven't filed your nails, do it now.
- Apply a base coat (with the below steps).
- Get the right amount of polish on your brush. Not too much, because you don't want it all thick and gooey. Get enough to go over your nail 2-3 times.
- Place a drop of polish at the center of your nail, just above the cuticle.
- Push the drop towards the cuticle carefully, leaving a small gap.
- Move your brush upwards (towards the tip of your nail), and drag the brush smoothly until you reach the tip.
- Then, get more polish if required, and paint the side of your nail (left or right), then the other side (left or right).
- Do the same to the rest of your nails.
- Let them dry COMPLETELY. Watch some TV or something. Just don't touch anything. If you feel your nails and they feel dry, still leave it a little longer - it's only touch dry.
- Once completely dry, repeat what you've just done.
- Apply a top coat (with the above steps). Don't muck up this part, or it'll ruin all your work.
- Once you are certain it's all dry - you can also do this before it dries, if you're really careful - go around your nails with a cotton ball dipped in nailpolish remover/acetone. Don't touch the nail!

To sum that all ^ up quickly, brush down the middle, then the side, then the other side.

That's pretty much exactly what I do, and it comes out great. It's what the professionals do too :3


- Never shake your nailpolish bottle! It just causes tiny bubbles that you can't see but they'll show up on your nails. Instead, rub the bottle in your hands to warm it up for about 30 seconds.
- Don't blow them. You think it's going to make them dry faster, right? Maybe, but you're going to end up smudging them or making bubbles come up.
- Don't go one thick coat! It'll take forever to dry. 2-3 thin coats is just right.
- Always file before you paint your nails! They'll cheap so easy if you do it afterwards.
- Don't rush. Be patient and you'll get it the way you want it.
- If you're right handed and you can't paint your right hand nails, get someone else to do it. Same if you're left handed.
- Do it somewhere nice and cool. You can go into the sun to dry afterwards. Don't go somewhere too breezy! It'll dry out your nailpolish way too quick.

Try this! I hope it helps next time you do your nails. It's an easy way to do your nails professionally.

Heaps of love,
Jemma {@feels-like-snow-in-september}
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