Hair colour help:
(few things to think about)

1- Look at your wardrobe/closet and if you're thinking of going unatural colour. If you wear lots of bright colours think will he hair colour go with it...or if you wear lot of red would blue go for example.

2~ Match/compliment eyes. Pick a shade that either matches or is lighter than your eye colour. Will it make your eyes pop or hide?

3- Should be same or lighter shade than your eyebrows.

4~ Do you want all of it coloured. Would just a dip dye look or highlights be a good idea? Consider what you want it to do for your hair. If you want to become blonder or cover up gray or make it look healthier.

5- Think how it will look against your skin tone.
Will going red hair make you look pink faced? Or will a black hair make you look drained or pale. Would a like shade make your face shine?

Hair cut help:
(some pointers to help)

1- Think of your face shape. Is it long,square,round etc. A fatter face would look less round with longer hair. A face shortens with a fringe. Curly hair makes a face wider and a look more girly.

2~ Get the texture right. Do you already have thick or thin hair? Get the balance right. Would layers suit you or would a bob look cute? Straight hair wouldn't look so hot on thin hair but a choppy curly style would. It's all about proportions.

3- Direct attention to certain area you love. If your best feature is your eyes don't cover it up with a long fringe. Or if you have a great jaw line and a shorter do might work for you. If your neck is a feature then don't cover it with a bulk of hair.

4~ To cover areas you dislike. If you have wide ears then don't go for a short wide style. Cover up big foreheads with a straight fringe. If neck is too long then maybe a long style would look better.

5- Think of maintenance. Will you have to do a lot of work to it to look great in morning or will you enjoy playing with it everyday. Are you the type who likes to have different options of styles or are you lazy and liking the minimum style?

6~ If you go too short you can always add extensions but don't over use them as it can damage hair roots and prevent growth.

7- When getting hair cut test out what you look like with glasses on if you wear them. Don't get a fringe cut without testing it with glasses you wear to see if it gets in way or not.

With colouring hair you can always go non-permanent or to start with to test it out. Or try out a wig. 
Always ask a hair dresser first before you get it cut dramatically and show a photo of what you want so they can judge what you really wish to look like.

I hope you get a great new look after thinking of these helpful tips.

artistic-biscuit AKA Stephanie
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