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1. Obtain make-up. Some nice colors for eyeshadow are pink, purple, green, white, blue, gold, and brown. Mascara can be brown, black or clear. Eyeliner can be brown or black. For lip gloss, choose light colors or a clear one. Also, if you have a light skin tone you can buy bronzer but don't get it if you don't need it because some people just look funny in bronzer. If you want to cover up acne and freckles, don't worry about getting concealer. Most companies just repackage foundation and label it as "concealer". Foundation is fine to use. Then just get a foundation or some teens prefer a tinted moisturizer and make sure it matches your skin! Getting mineral make-up is better for your skin as well, even though all make-up can clog pores.

2. Buy brushes and make-up remover. You will need a brush for eyeshadow, foundation, blush, and also a blender brush. In addition to the make-up remover, you will need make-up remover pads or wipes. If you don't have make-up remover, don't panic. A little bit of baby oil on a tissue can work just as well, though it may make you break out.

3. Apply concealer, bronzer and foundation. Use the brushes you bought to apply a very small amount of bronzer and foundation. Make sure to coat your whole face in a thin, even layer (but make sure you don't put on too much as this looks stupid) Also, for concealer apply to the blemishes before foundation/bronzer.

4. Apply eye make-up. Start off with the eyeliner. Close one eye and gently stretch the skin of your eyelid with your finger so that there are no wrinkles and you have a smooth surface to apply make-up upon. Take your eyeliner and carefully draw a straight line right on the edge of your eyelid. Repeat on the other eye. Next, you will need to put on mascara. Take the mascara applicator out of its tube and slowly apply it by moving your hand as if you were curling your eyelashes upwards. Do this for both eyes and then move onto eyeshadow. Apply a small amount of eyeshadow to your eyeshadow brush. Next close your eye and use the brush to apply a small amount of the eyeshadow to your eyelid. Repeat for both eyes.

5. Put on lip gloss. Spread your lips out so that your bottom lip is completely smooth and flat (you may have to experiment with your face for a while before you figure out how to do this). Then, take the lip gloss applicator and put some lip gloss only on your lower lip. Then rub both lips together to evenly coat both lips.

6. Check yourself. Look in the mirror to make sure you didn't get mascara on your forehead, or lip gloss on your chin. If you spot any imperfections in your make up, fix them!

7. Show off your make-up at school, at the mall or wherever you are going! Feel and act confident, let the world know you are beautiful.

8. Take your make-up off. Right before you go to bed (or sooner if you prefer) you will need to take off your make up. Put just a little bit of make-up remover on a pad or wipe. Next, use this to wipe off all of the makeup on your face. You will probably have to use multiple wipes. You will be able to tell when the make-up is completely off when there is no make-up residue on the wipes. (You don't really need make-up remover; you can just use baby oil on a tissue in a pinch.)

Hope this helps!

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