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- If your nail teared, take the rest of it off and file it clean. Don't try to even it out with your teeth, because it is very much impossible, and if it does work, your nail is usually down to the nub.

- Use acrylic nails. You can't necessarily rip them with your teeth, so they'll stay put. Just simple french ones will work, you can paint them and file them clean.

- Keep your nails painted. Even if it's just clear nail polish

- Wear thin winter gloves around the house. I've been told models wear oven mitts to bed so they won't touch their face and avoid acne.

- Think of things this way: Most of the things you've touch today have been touched by other people. And those people, as far as you know, don't wash their hands after the bathroom. It's the gross reality. So when you reach for a "snack", imagine you eating, sorry about this, stranger feces.

- Get a hobby that uses your hands so you can do that activity when you get the urges or cravings to bite your nails. (i.e., Guitar, piano, basketball, etc)

- Trim your nails once a week to a reasonable length. Cause if you don't, your nails will get to long and weak and break off, then you'll have to go through number one again.

- Buy new nail polish to encourage yourself to stop, or a pretty manicure.

These are the only ones I can think of so far. And once you get into this habit, you don't have to keep doing it. Hope you all find this helpful. I can't remember if this was requested or not, I think it was because I remember reading the message and thinking of my friend who has this habit. 
Comment, fave, request, I'll get to them on Wednesday. Promise.
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