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wow, it's 2012 already? it dosen't feel like it ( :
anyway, i hear soo many times on polyvore "new year. new me. i'm going to start dressing good, buy brand names..ect." && soo many times people say "it's to hard to re-do my whole wardrobe". it really isn't (: 
so this is for people who want to reinvent their wardrobe, or for people who want to slightly change it!

step one: go through your closet. i did this before school started & it's amazing what you'll find. i saw shirts that i haven't wore since literally second grade. it gives you room in your closet & you can get rid of ALL of your clothes you never wear (or shoulden't be wearing). the thing is, you HAVE to do this with a fashionable person. you will stand in front of the mirror saying "well..i might wear this.." nope. if you haven't wore it yet you won't at all & you need a second person to tell you what's cute & what's goodwill. a grandma (fashionable one), mom, sister, best friend. almost any girl (or fashionable guy) will work.
step two: whew! we cleaned out the closet! (; now to a shopping spree! you probabley have christmas money & this is the best way to spend it! or maybe, if you explain this to your mom, she'll understand. so the next step is going to the mall. buy clothes YOU.WILL.WEAR. not what your friend likes, but what YOU LIKE. buy brand name's, buy jcpenney. if it's cute & you have at least two outfit's for it, buy it. but don't be pressured with time, set aside a few hours for this. also, i love online shopping. but you have to have money for this, because of shipping & handling.
step three: go through magazines/polyvore/ect. and create a board of fashion inspo. i have one in my room & it soo helpful when your about to pull on a tshirt & sweats for school. 
step four: keep it organized. color coded, buy style, and season. it will keep clothes less stressfull. (:
step five: step back & enjoy your wardrobe. 

hope this helps! ♥ (:
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