Here are some things that you can do to some of your clothes that are either too small or you just don't like anymore.

*a long sleeved shirt*
- cut a v-neck if it doesn't have one and make one cut down the front of the shirt to make a cardigan

*a pair of jeans*
-cut off the legs and make a pair of shorts or capris
-you can fold the ends to make cuffs or sew them

*a belt*
- try wearing it around your waist instead of your hips
-if it is a child-sized belt or a cloth one, try wearing it as a headband

*a scarf*
-try wearing it as a belt or headband

*a pair of pajama pants*
-cut off the legs and make them into shorts

*a dress*
-cut off the top half, sew on elastic and make a skirt

*for a shoe that ties*
- replace the plain white laces with colored laces or ribbons

*for ballet flats*
-glue on bows, jewels, or flowers
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