Hey its natalia(@natalie1517).This a tip for @gracesconfession. So here are some idea and how to reward your self after hard work to get those abs or the body for next summer.

Realize this:You have to drink plenty of water while working out.(just saying).And you can eat like a healthy snack like granola or some fruit.

~Warm bath and bath salts(ahh comfort)

~Make a little jar and put your reward ideas in there and the day you fill it up, exercise,and stick your hand in the jar and see which is you reward for the day(i love this help you not to get stress what to do and different everyday

~Get a magazine with those idea on what to do for exercise and there always a person like my sister fitness.And cut those and look for inspiration and remember don't starve yourself(this goes for everyone)

~Watch some tv or a movie(Kick back and relax)

~Take a little walk(if you worked alot so it will help reduce soreness)

~Cold shower(Take a frigid cold shower and it help reduce soreness,like a icyhot patch,it the same but its cold.

~Go online and go to pinterest and have your inspiration:i want to have those dream abs(lol)

~Think your hardwork and picture yourself when your work pays off:Abs,legs,arms,tummy,butt(lol),muscles

~Makeover,internet wise:Go online and look at your clothes that never came in your size or that dress that only went to a certain size and you can finally buy that.The dream

~How good you feel:Lol,everyone realize this.Say you finally do your workouts and you can do 20 push-ups.Lol i can barely do five,im weak -_-.And you can eventually do more if you don't ruin it with 5 lbs worth chocolate or Doritos.

~Just dance or wii:I love to do this i forget im exercising and im having fun.

~ YouTube party: Oh yeah,you saw this right YouTube party .Blast up music in your room and celebrate your 1 lb that you lost or however amount.

Well,im blown out of ideas,i will edit this after my walmart spree.Lol hope you enjoyed ideas

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