hello everyone, chloe here! i'm addressing three different problems in a relationship today;
- trust 
- comfort/pressure
- communication
i'm also not a relationship expert, these are just suggestions. here's goes;
trust is such an important part of a relationship. here are some ways you and your partner can build trust:
- be consistent
- be on time
- don't lie. ever
- never say things you can't/won't take back
- be fair
- don't make excuses, tell the truth

this category is all about comfort zones and not doing things that you don't feel like doing. here are some tips to stay strong:
- don't let others tell you what to do
- be prepared to say stop! or no!
- do things that make you happy, not what make others happy
- thinking critically, will you regret what you're doing?

communication is also a huge deal in relationships. i've saved it for last because most times, problems stem from a lack of communication. here are some ways to stay connected with your partner:
- set up rules
- try not to ever say 'but you always' or 'but you never'
- use body language to show them you're comfortable
- if you're arguing when having conversations, go to someplace public where you'll feel embarrassed if you yell
- texting isn't good enough. video chat, talk on the phone or see them in person

that's all for today!
xo chloe || @cetdancer

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