hey girls :)
I dunno about you guys... but it's sooo hard for me to STAY organized. like honestly, I have to re-organize like once a month, haha . But this year I'm trying to change that! 
Sooo, I've been going to school for about a month now and this is how I'm organizing my stuff.

It's fun and great for organizing...
All you have to do is keep every subject one color. Like:
English: blue 3-subject notebook, blue folder
Algebra: pink folder
Science: green binder
So everytime you reach into your backpack/locker, you don't have to dig through a bunch of notebooks and stuff because you'll KNOW which color goes to which subject. Trust me, it helps a lot!

Veryyy helpful. Unless you have like, amazing memory or something. 
I bought a planner from Walmart for 4 bucks I think? It really comes in handy, I write down all upcoming social events, homework assignments, upcoming quizes/tests to prepare for, etc etc... 
You can also write down important phone numbers/ sites and such. Idk about your school, but at my school, ALL of our textbooks are online, so we have to remember a bunch of diff. usernames, passwords, & site adresses for all of our subjects. 

Your best friend for organizing.
Unless you don't have any binders, then it would be useless. xD 
The only binder I have is for science, and my science teacher is a stickler for organization, she's even GRADING us on it. So, for my science binder, the dividers are labeled as:
1) Bellwork
2) Notes
3) Assignments
4) Tests/Quizzes
5) Lab Reports

And trust me, I haven't gotten disorganized yet. lol =]

Just make sure to always put your stuff back in your backpack. It sucks having to tell your teacher that you 'left it at home'. 
& keep a nice area where you can study & do your homework at. I recommend not having it on your bed (lol, I've found so many missing homework assignments, pencils, pens, etc, under my bed)... 
But on a desk, or even your kitchen table is good.

Clean out your folders of any unnecessary things at least once a month. 
It'll prevent you from lugging too much around. And, once again, help w/ being organized. :) 

*If you keep your papers stuck inside your notebook, important things will end up getting lost! Get a folder (preferably matching the color of the notebook, like the first tip), and use that for your papers.

*Get a pencil pouch to keep your pens, pencils, and pencil sharper (or extra lead if you use mechanical). 
And remember to put them back in your pencil pouch.. Sometimes I forget and then I'll find pencils/pens all over my bag, haha =]

*Get a nice backpack/tote that has lots of pockets. You can keep specific things in each of your pockets so that you'll know where each thing is. 

*If you carry makeup with you, keep it in a separate makeup bag.

Andd I think that's it! :)
I really hope this helps! Good luck staying organized! <3
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I'm OCD and I've always done this stuff XD



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