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ok, as most of us know Blair Waldorf is a fictional character from Gossip Girl played by Leighton Meester. well i - and i'm sure some others - do envy her cute, preppy style. well here's some tips on how to steal it;;

i usually see Blair wearing grey, violet, coral-y red, mustard yellow or other bright neutral colours like green, normal yellow && white. like i've done in the set, team a mustard yellow coloured piece of clothing with some grey. that's how i always picture Blair wearing. 

~skirts ; not tacky, mini skirts just preppy flared skirts in grey-black colours.
~coats ; like the one in the set. make it a bold colour then wear a bag of the same colour.
~bags ; ^^
~flats or bow heels.
~frilly or patterned tops in light shades.
~tights ; every time Blair wears a skirt, she always wears tights with it. i rarely ever see her not wear tights with a skirt.
~hats ; like the one in the picture in the set above.

O3;; HAiR.
Blair usually keeps her hair pinned up in a special way ; but for occasions (only sometimes) she lets it down. i'd suggest using a curling iron for her look (:

that's all for now, i hope i helped (:
~Indie // @indy-x
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