by @kellielizabeth-97 

straightening your hair is one of those things that everyone does, but not everyone does it RIGHT. yup, there's a right way to do it (: 

first; pick a flat iron that will work for you! i use mine before school, so i have a wet straightener. this straightens & dries your hair. so when your done you have straight, dry hair. (that's what i did in the picture above). i know one of my friends has a chi, since she has thicker hair. another one uses revlon. it's about *your* hair, and how it's going to work for *you*!
second; make sure your hair is PROTECTED. there's this girl that goes to my school who's hair is just fried && it's disgusting. it's like thick little chops of fried hair. moral of the story? make sure your hair is clean, and use shampoo & heat protectents. 
third; let's start actually getting straight hair! okay, first you want to divide your hair into sections. i divide mine into three. front left, front right, & back. it really just depends on you. i suggest clipping the section(s) that your not using back so it dosen't get in your way. so you put your hair in between your straightener (near the roots) and clamp it down, then pull slowly down without moving (so you don't get weird flips in your hair). repeat this multiple times depending on the thickness of your hair. do the same for each section of your hair.
lastly; spray a little bit of hairspray on it, to keep it staying straight through the day. 
and wahhhllaaa! straight hair. ♥
hope i helped (: 
request us! ♥
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