hi guys! 

ok so, i looooveeee combat boots so much. i think they are soo cute for fall. sometimes, they can be hard to style. so im going to give u a few ideas.

1. Leggings
i love wearing my combat boots with leggings and leg warmers. i ithink it just looks so adorable, especially when i wear oversived shirts/sweaters with it. 

2. Jeans
Jeans look great with every shoe type. Combat boots look so great with jeans, especially blue skinny jeans. 

3. Skirts
you can even wear your combat boots with skirts. i dont really wear skirts so i have never tried this look yet. but i think i have seen it in youtube videos. you can make a skirt look really cute when you wear boots with them. it gives u a kinda cute edgy look.

i hope you liked this tip :) please request things in the comments because i nneed more tip ideas :) thanks <3

- ashleey <3

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