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Lace shorts are a trend that can sometimes be confusing! But never fear, Clairissa is here, to give you great tips on how to wear them!

#1 in set: Those shorts are the classic white lace shorts. I consider them formal, so the rest of your outfits should be too! Pick a shirt WITHOUT lots of prints, it will make your outfit look mismatched and a hodgepodge. Wear flats or wedges with these. Like I said, it's formal!! Finally, pick a clutch as the bag. The clutch will be simple and sweet, enough to take necessities, but not too much so that you're carrying a huge bag!
*Wear this style on a date!!*

#2 in the set: These are bright lace shorts! They make your outfit look a little less formal, more bright, airy, and relaxed than number 1. These are my favorite type of lace shorts! With these, you let the shorts do the talking. I, personally, since it is summer, think that you should stick to white everywhere else, but I also like adding a metallic shoe! Your bag should be white too, and it can really be any type of bag!
*Wear this to a friends house or cruising around at the beach!*

#3 in set: This is more of a gothic, punk-rock type of lace. If you're more of a tomboy, or you're looking for an edge, these are the lace shorts for you! I'd say, with this, stick to a darker shirt. This is the only exception for PURE LACE shorts that can have words on it! 
*wear these to a cool new band's concert!*

#4 in Set: This is the semi-lace short. It's MUCH more informal than a pure lace, because it's denim!! If you aren't confident about going all out with lace yet, then these are for you!!With this one, you can wear a graphic tee, and casual shoes. You can use a handbag, tote, or backpack, but not a clutch (too formal)
*wear this to an amusement park, or anywhere informal!*

Just remember, you are beautiful, and whichever style of lace you like is the right one for you!


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