Hey there, beautiful /:) Flynn here with a request from @icons-and-tips-for-disney (they're account is a lot like ours, so if you like ours you might like theirs too!)

Texting guys is a wonderful way to get their attention, and not a bad way to get to know them. There is a wrong way to do it though. Follow these simple rules to ensure a good texting conversation;

1) Text at a reasonable time. Unless you know he's also up at 3:00 in the morning, save it for the next day. 
2) Have something to say. Guys don't usually text to say hi, so the concept is a bit foreign to them. Talk about a project you both need to do, or something you saw that reminded you of him.
3) D0nt txt l1k3 t1is. Owar diss. AnD dOnT tExT tHiS wAy EiThEr. Use normal, easy to read letters. It's really annoying, not cute.
4) On that same note, use proper grammar and correct spelling. Use question marks when you ask a question, and commas to separate thoughts. As often as possible, say something like "my brother is giving me weird looks because I'm laughing so hard!" instead of "lol". This all makes it easy to understand you, and it makes you appear more interesting and smarter.
5) On the other hand, don't put periods on the end of your texts. I don't know why, but it seems unfriendly. 
6) Use emoticons! Not too many of them, but enough to show how you feel. He can't hear the tone of your voice, so tell him what it is with smilies :)
7) Don't text back right away when he's only texting back every ten minutes. Match his pace.
8) And lastly; tease him, but don't make fun of him. If you're worried he might take it the wrong way, don't say it!

I hope this helps all you lovely ladies out! Kisses!
-Flynn Rider
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