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Since a lot of you will be heading into fall why not use those basics of yours for a good use? I might make a tip on basics because it's so important to have them. They go with everything <33

Outfit 1: Cardigan, Maxi Dress, Sandals. This outfit is best for taller people because it makes short people look even shorter. It's nice to add a cardigan to keep warm and pick strappy sandals that have a similar tone to your cardi.

Outfit 2: Tank Top, Skirt, Army Jacket, Converse. The basics are the base of the outfit. The jacket adds a fall look and the shoes are just to match the top or skirt depending on the colours of your choice. You can wear combat boots instead of converse.

Outfit 3: Crop Jumper, Jeans, Combat Boots. This is for the people who like to cover up a little more. You can also chuck on a scarf or necklace to jazz it up a bit.

Hope you try these out! It took me forever to fix the title and my name sigh. x

Angela (I want my name to be Diana now. Some of you might get it lol)
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