Hi lovely people of Polyvore, it's Jewel! I'm REALLY sorry I haven't been on lately, I've been dealing with an ex-BFF, trying to figure out if this guy likes me, trying to learn 3 extra piano songs for jazz band, and finishing off the swim season, so I'm just really tired. But here I am with my first tip on this account! I hope you like it!
OK, so color jeans are really trendy, right? And have you been wondering how in the world you're supposed to wear them? Well, I've set up 4 levels according to your fashion daring! Pick according to your comfort level.

LEVEL 1- Understated
You aren't quite sure you like the whole trend, and don't want to look too crazy. You should stick to neutrals like gray, navy, and black for your pants and top them off with a cute graphic tee and sweater.

LEVEL 2- Taking a little risk
You don't want to wear just any neutral colored pant, but want to keep the outfit grounded. Get some jeans in a slightly muted tone, like the green pair shown, and add a neutral top and flats.

LEVEL 3- Getting riskier...
You don't want your style muted, but you aren't super crazy! Try a pair of jeans in a bright, pop-y color with a graphic tee, metallic jacket, and some cute gray shoes!

Level 4- You're crazy! (In a good way)
You aren't afraid to stand out by a mile! Pick a pair in a bright hue, a cute top in an equally bright color, some tall wedge boots, and a sparkly blazer! 
I hope you enjoyed my tip! Again, I'm really sorry for not tipping sooner :(
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