Because printed leggings are the main piece of your outfit, they should be paired with some less dramatic, full-color pieces. Leggings are not full pants by themselves, so your shirt should be long and loose as to make your outfit school-appropriate. Make sure that that the other pieces are not too patterned, as other patterns might overpower the ones on your leggings. (Also, a sloppy bun looks good with leggings.)

Shirt: If your leggings are colorful, wear either a color that is already on your leggings (but in a more muted tone), or black if there is a little black on the leggings. Make sure not to overpower the leggings to seem too flashy in a bad way.
Shoes: If there is black on the leggings, wear black shoes. If not, still wear black shoes. Yet again, black shoes. That way your leggings will *pop*!
Accessories: If you’re wearing a black shirt, add a belt that is one of the colors on your leggings. It will bring out that color. Use it around your waist instead of your hips. For jewelry, stick to little or none. Either gold or silver will work, with little accents of the colors on your leggings.
Outerwear: If your shirt is black, do not wear a jacket. Instead, pick a long-sleeved shirt to wear. If your shirt is colorful, choose a black zippered hoodie or cardigan.

Shirt: Wear a simple shirt in a color that goes well with the tribal pattern on your leggings. White looks cute with tribal patterns.
Shoes: If you are wearing tribal leggings, make sure to wear simple, classy shoes. They should not be shiny.
Accessories: For jewelry, go simple. Only wear a few plain pieces. Depending on the color of the tribal prints, wear either gold or silver. 
Outerwear: Wear a long-sleeved shirt instead of a jacket. If you have too many pieces of clothing, it tends to clutter up your look.

Black and White:
Shirt: If you want to wear black and white leggings, you should match it with a loose top in a color that matches well. Most colors (if not all) go with black and white. Pink gives you a sweet appearance. Neons make your outfit appear less classy however, so I would advise staying away from those. 
Shoes: For the tough-but-feminine look, wear black combat boots. Remember that brown and black is a fashion no-no. If you are going for a more girly look, wear flats or wedge boots in black. White gets dirty too easily and mud will make you appear sloppy.
Accessories: Gold looks good with black and white, so pair your leggings with a long gold necklace and small hoops.
Outerwear: As it is getting into the colder season, you will need a nice jacket to wear with your leggings. Blazers are very in, but you could also go for a nice cardigan in black or white, depending on which looks better with your shirt.

Shirt: Floral print tends to look sweet, so make it look more dramatic by wearing a black shirt with a vintage vibe, or a black band shirt. You could also wear a lace top to keep the cutesy look.
Shoes: Pair your black shirt with black combat boots to keep the edgy look going. If you are going with the cute look, wear simple flats or boots.
Accessories: Keep it simple, and wear gold hoops and bracelet or two.
Outerwear: Wear a cardigan or a denim jacket. 

<33 stay fabulous! :)

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