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Okay, so I know it's hard to look cute sometimes in the winter: the cold, wind, fog, rain, and snow can be INSANE! I am a skirt and dresses girl, so it's hard for me to be stuck in a rut of jeans after jeans after jeans (I refuse to wear sweats or yoga pants to school, haha!). There is a solution: layering! On my model I've named Lily, I created an outfit that I would wear to school! Hope you enjoy!

Top: I put a simple pink tee on first. If it's really cold, I suggest wearing a basic long sleeved top (they have some from Forever 21 for really cheap!) underneath it that you can't really see. And if you want, you can wear a tank or cami underneath.

Cardigan: You can pair it with a neutral cardigan, I actually have this one! I would suggest a cream, black, white, or grey cardigan to go with the colorful shirt.

Skirt: Okay, the skirt is the stand out piece here. I have it, and it is my favorite! I love the ruffles and the cream ribbon! You should tuck the tee into the top for the desired effect. For this outfit, any kind of statement skirt works.

Tights: I love tights for the winter, they are so cute! I've picked these adorable bow tights, but anything goes. And if it's cold, you can also pair this with some knee high socks or wear textured tights.

Shoes: For this look, I like some ankle boots that don't compete with the skirt. You can also wear them with taller boots, riding boots, flats, or Toms. But please, try to stay away from the Uggs.

Coat: A good coat is the perfect thing to top your winter ensemble. I have a pink one, but any bold color works. You can also wear a classic black, white/cream, or grey coat. I also love detailing like pretty buttons, ruffles, or bows.

Accessories: Anything goes with this outfit! Lily is wearing a headband and some classy pearls. You can also try some stud earrings, a bracelet or two, a ring, a belt, and a hat, gloves, or scarf for warmth.

I hope you enjoyed this tip, and leave comments below! (:

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