How To Work Every Party This Season

By now, you've picked out what you're gonna wear to all those decadent parties that are promising to jam-pack your weekends, but you're just not sure where to head with your makeup just yet. Never fear, pick one trend (or more) from this list and you'll be ready to rock it out this year!!
1. Red Lips? BOR-ing!:: Instead, try something unexpected like fuchsia, lavender or tangerine. Make sure you line your lips with a matching liner, though, to make the color really POP!
2. One Finger Salute? Try All Five:: Instead of having one accent nail, why not try a different look for each nail? The trick:: keep it in the same palette. Go wild and try glitter, scrapbook stickers, beads, stripes.....
3. Blushing, Me? I'm Just Naturally Red!:: This year, don't even dare to go for the all natural look! Everything is bolder and brighter this year, my dear, and you never back down from a challenge! Try a pinky-red (called cerise). Make it intense by:: using cream blush on your apples and layering a powder blush on top. You'll look like you just got back from snuggling with your honey on a hillside resort!

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