How to Write Ana

Ananya Nair (21)
nickname(s): Ana
birthday: October 28, 1994
major: Health and Human Biology
minor: Public Health
year: Senior

"there is bravery in being soft"

None of the items in this collection go together but at this point I don't care I've been working on this for three weeks.
It's trash but hopefully it's semi helpful in understanding Ana. I've probably also forgotten so many things, so this is likely to be updated a handful more times
  • all things alia;
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    But please call here Ana, only her grandparents call her Ananya" — @elizabeth-kate
    Your #1 source for the beautiful actress Alia Bhatt. This princess has it all, whether it be talent...
  • Photos: Australia sweeps group A in Women's Basketball - The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
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    "If you've only seen Ana on the basketball court you'd be forgiven for thinking she's a confident, tough talking, aggressive firecracker of a girl - that's exactly the kind of game she plays" — @elizabeth-kate
  • Angela & Roi | Color Unstoppable Blog | YELLOW
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    "In actuality Ana is a total sweetheart when you come across her in any other situation: soft-spoken, kind and mild tempered." — @elizabeth-kate
  • Natalie Portman
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    "HISTORY" — @elizabeth-kate
    Explore Lucie's board "ch: padmé amidala" on Pinterest, the world's catalogue of ideas. | See more about The Force, Natalie Portman and Horst P Horst.
  • Keep shining
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    "Ana grew up in a single parent home. Her mother Riya was a partner at a law firm so they were never wanting financially, and she loved Ana dearly never neglected her.
    But as a single parent there are sacrifices that need to be made." — @elizabeth-kate
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  • Cole Haan
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    "This is partially why Ana picked up so many sports - extra curricular activities to give her something to do when her mum was at work
    It helped she was really, really good at them." — @elizabeth-kate
    Cole Haan, Manhattan, NY. 230,372 likes · 1,333 talking about this. Seize every opportunity to explore no matter what the weather may bring or what hour...
  • Terry Crews
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    "When Ana was 16 her mother remarried Chris Parker.
    Ana likes him well enough, he's good to her mother and nice to her, and he's helped her with her basketball game but they don't really have a parent-child realtionship" — @elizabeth-kate
    View photos of Terry Crews from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" (2013) and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Slump (#1.3)" (2013) on IMDb!
  • erica noelle
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    2 years ago her little sister Meghna was born. Ana dotes on her something terrible when she's back home, but she doesn't see here neatly as much as she'd like." — @elizabeth-kate
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  • all things alia;
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    "STUDYING:" — @elizabeth-kate
    Your #1 source for the beautiful actress Alia Bhatt. This princess has it all, whether it be talent...
  • We Heart It
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    "Ana knows she's good at sport, but she also got into Brown on a sports scholarship, not the first school that the scouts are visiting." — @elizabeth-kate
    mads' favorite images from the web
  • Our Hopes and Expectations
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    "Ana's studying Health and Human Biology with a minor in Public Health. Her aim is to become a physiotherapist, maybe an exercise scientist if the sports career doesn't pan out" — @elizabeth-kate
    Hello :) Christine. 25 years old. 17 January A bit of dork who likes to waste time. A random...
  • We ❤ It
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    "She's a freaky organised study, always done a week before an assignment is due. When she's in the zone she's always listening to music, please don't interrupt unless necessary her she finds it really stressful" — @elizabeth-kate
    Image shared by Michelle ❁ on We Heart It: discover college, inspiration, and notebook photos.
  • all things alia;
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    Quiet, soft spoken, unlikely to initiate a conversation with a stranger, not big on words, kind, polite, indecisive, willing to help anyone who asks her, an all round quiet but positive force, avoids personal confrontiation like nothing e" — @elizabeth-kate
    Your #1 source for the beautiful actress Alia Bhatt. This princess has it all, whether it be talent...
  • We ❤ It
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    "ANA IS NOT:
    A doormat, shy, unwilling to go after the things she wants, always happy, lacking in conviction, silent, boring and serious," — @elizabeth-kate
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  • B.A.P Fanfiction | VK
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    Indecisive, surprisingly ruthless, can get lost in her head and not realise the effect her actions have on others, taken for aloof or uninterested because she's quiet, blunt as" — @elizabeth-kate
    Добро пожаловать в B.A.P Fanfiction - первый действующий паблик в вконтакте, посвященный фанфикшену по фандому B.A.P.
  • all things alia;
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    Ana is first and foremost an athlete, and man is she a force to watch on the court. Only officially on the Basketball team now, she still takes part in social games and just generally can be found running or in the gym many hours of the day." — @elizabeth-kate
    Your #1 source for the beautiful actress Alia Bhatt. This princess has it all, whether it be talent...
  • #studyspo • Instagram photos and videos
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    "Because of her schedule she's in bed by 10 every night and up at 5 to go on a run before class every day.
    She's very quiet in the morning so she asks you don't yell outside her room in the evening, though she has a good set of earplugs because duh." — @elizabeth-kate
    Photos and videos with the hashtag ‘studyspo’ on Instagram
  • Optical Illusion Photography Sees Man Play Basketball With Moon
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    "Ana's always open to a training partner but gets exercise isn't some people's thing.
    Also for class she got into making training schedules so that's totally a thing she can help anyone with." — @elizabeth-kate
    These are the amazing pictures of a basketball player slam dunking the moon through a hoop. They were taken by Adrian Limani, 21, who used his brothe...
  • all things alia;
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    "ANA AND HER QUIRKS" — @elizabeth-kate
    Your #1 source for the beautiful actress Alia Bhatt. This princess has it all, whether it be talent...
  • Nobody said it was easy
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    Ana is one of those people that has perfectly balanced meals, rarely partakes in a treat day, as the most self restraint, avoids processed foods. The kind of person you hate. She doesn't do it for Instagram it's a lifestyle choice" — @elizabeth-kate
    Hi There! im rahmat.i live in indonesia. straight. i love to do stupid and funny things. i've been...
  • Instagram photo by Vegan | Ethical Living ?? • Jun 5, 2016 at 6:25am UTC
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    She'll force that option down your throat, she follows freaky fad diets, she judges anyone for the diet. She just does what makes her healthiest." — @elizabeth-kate
    See this Instagram photo by @kristenleo • 5,452 likes
  • Instagram photo by Vegan | Ethical Living ?? • Dec 30, 2015 at 9:16am UTC
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    Ana is a whiz in the kitchen. mostly cooking healthy meals and such, but will cook you your fave meal for your birthday, or sweets for bake sales etc." — @elizabeth-kate
    See this Instagram photo by @kristenleo • 723 likes
  • Lihliann
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    Ana doesn't drink during the sporting season (most of the year) she'll drink during down time, mixing cola and spirits is her drink of choice." — @elizabeth-kate
    "I have to be successful , because I like expensive things"
  • SG3zCYlX7Kw.jpg (320×456)
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    Downtime that's not spent exercising you can usually find Ana drawing, watching crime shows or foreign movies, or talking someone into being her guinea pig for a new hair or make-up look she wants to try." — @elizabeth-kate
  • Alia (@aliaabhatt) • Instagram photos and videos
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    Ana loves dressing up, pretty dresses, bright colours, quirky make-up looks. She's into it all and loves trying them out on willing volunteers (she took a make-up artist course one summer, she really likes trying new things)" — @elizabeth-kate
    Moody, Floaty, Fire and DESIRE !
  • Korean Music Videos
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    Ana is one of those people constantly listening to music. Mostly it's out loud (too loud) in her room or with only one ear bud in. If she has two in please don't disturb her she's studying, or in a bad mood." — @elizabeth-kate
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  • We ❤ It
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    "BAD DAYS:
    Are few and far between, mostly they're all explosive anger from bottling up her feelings. You'll rarely see those, she'll disappear to her boyfriends for that" — @elizabeth-kate
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  • colors of the rainbow
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    "HER ROOM:
    Ana doesn't spent a lot of time in her room, preferring to study in the study room, and spend time in communal areas. When she is the room her general rule is
    open door = come in
    closed door = don't bother knocking" — @elizabeth-kate
    welcome to the colors of the rainbow ♥ color filter red orange yellow lime green green teal blue...
  • Our Hopes and Expectations
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    Ana loves lists and organisation for herself and others. Shopping lists for the house, study schedules, to do lists. If it's not in a timetable or list it's probably not important to Ana." — @elizabeth-kate
    Hello :) Christine. 25 years old. 17 January A bit of dork who likes to waste time. A random assortment of things i like. None of the photos are mine unless stated otherwise.
    More info
    Ana was bitten by a huge dog when she was 3, and is allergic to them so she kind of hates them. Probably the only person on the planet, she knows, which is why she doesn't talk about it." — @elizabeth-kate
    all-dog-breeds: “ Izzy helping me shop ”
  • you don't know how to say van gogh We Heart It
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    Ana loves posting to instagram because she's a super visual person. 90% of her photos are captionless though because words aren't her thing. For the same reasons she loves snapchat and doesn't have a twitter" — @elizabeth-kate
    you don't know how to say van gogh on We Heart It
  • Tumblr
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    Ana loves summer and really, really hates cold weather. It's why in the winter she'll be waring approximately 700 layers and look miserable." — @elizabeth-kate
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  • Outdoor-Sofa, 2-Sitzer, inkl. Sitz- und Rückenkissen, Akazie massiv
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Why did she join a sorority in her final year? Mostly she just wanted to make some lasting connections outside of sport before graduating.
    After all it's the things you don't do not the things you that you'll regret in hindsight" — @elizabeth-kate
    Massives Akazienholz, in Offwhite lackiert, bildet das moderne und geradlinige Gestell dieses großzügig bemessenen Zweisitzers. Die abnehmbaren Bezüge an den Polstern sind ganz edel Ton-in-T
  • all things alia;
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    "THE BOYFRIEND" — @elizabeth-kate
  • Hoya
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    "NATHAN TYLER | 24
    + Marketing manager
    + Street dancer
    + Brown Alum
    + Comes across loud and obnoxious but is really a total introverted sweetheart who worships the ground Ana walks on (almost)" — @elizabeth-kate
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  • You touched me and suddenly, I was a lilac sky
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    "They've been dating just over 18 months though have known each other for three years. Ana often slips away from the house for an evening or two to stay with him." — @elizabeth-kate
    nadia. twenty-four year old makeup artist/future dental hygienist l that posts whatever she wants....
  • Our Hopes and Expectations
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    "Ana loves Nathan a whole lot but because of her private nature doesn't really talk about him if she's unprompted. Which means NONE OF HER SISTERS KNOW SHE'S DATING ANYONE." — @elizabeth-kate
    Hello :) Christine. 25 years old. 17 January A bit of dork who likes to waste time. A random assortment of things i like. None of the photos are mine unless stated otherwise.
  • Tumblr
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    "Their relationship is so comfortable and functional that her friend Em calls it boring. Ana thinks that the idea love should be hard or firey is BS she's grossly happy the way they are." — @elizabeth-kate
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  • A Sophie Turner Blog
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    "..almost" — @elizabeth-kate
    A SOPHIE TURNER BLOG ♦ I think the women are the ones with the real strength in the series, the...
  • all things alia;
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    "OTHER IMPORTANT PEOPLE" — @elizabeth-kate
    Your #1 source for the beautiful actress Alia Bhatt. This princess has it all, whether it be talent...
  • Sweet Adorable Girls
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    "EMELIE 'EM' Castor | 21
    + Co-captain of the basketball team
    + Ana's best friend
    + Often joke they're "two halves of the same soul" entirely platonically" — @elizabeth-kate
    arisjerome: “Ashley Moore photo by Aris Jerome ”
  • Kiko Mizuhara 水原希子
    More info
    "ANNIE TYLER | 20
    + Nathan's adopted sister
    + Ball of sunshine
    + Jokes about similar names for days" — @elizabeth-kate
  • Alexander Ludwig
    More info
    "NAME TBA | 21
    + Fellow Health and Biology Student
    + Study buddy
    + Forever competing in the gym" — @elizabeth-kate
    Alexander Ludwig photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
  • tumblr_ng8uvxzYSA1rm7fruo1_500.jpg (500 685) We Heart It
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    "JASON 'JACE' NAM | 23
    + Nathan's best friend
    + In his dance crew
    + Ana likes to joke she'd sleep with his arms in a heartbeat" — @elizabeth-kate
  • Sophie Turner, una princesa de 'Juego de Tronos' enamorada de Ryan Gosling
    More info
    + Close friend
    + Captain of the Volleyball team
    + ...romantically it's complicated." — @elizabeth-kate
    La joven actriz le ha contado al mundo (vía Instagram) lo mucho que adora a Ryan (y quién no)

two comments

Wrote three days ago
all right. i will make note not to mention nate and her as a couple since ray technically doesn't know lol.
but aweeeee so so interesting and definitely the opposite of a traditionally sporty gal

Wrote one month ago
Why i am not surprised at the arm comment but this is lovely , Ana is lovely, Yay for our new characters !


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