HOW TO WRITE: Rose M. Weasley

just a guide on Rose Weasley and important things to know about her. this is going to help me with writing for her and if anyone wants to use it if they include her in a story, go ahead!
this'll be edited and added to probably~
a l s o i'm not procrastinating pls
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    Image shared by Beth! on We Heart It: discover flowers, jeans, and photography photos.
  • Photo by Ashley Moore
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    "○ ROSE M. WEASLEY ○
    "You are damaged and broken and unhinged. But so are shooting stars and comets."
    (SHOOTING STARS AND COMETS, Nikita Gill)" — @mckinnons
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    "○ FAMILY ○
    It's always been obvious that since day one, family is the most important thing to Rose. She understands that they're the only ones who will really be there at the end of the day. With that said, she's eager to welcome others into her family." — @mckinnons
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    "○ MUM & DAD ○
    Her number one supporters and the only people who really understand her anxieties. Rose used to strive to be like them until her mum convinced her to be herself and to pave her own path, rather than following in theirs." — @mckinnons
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  • a walking travesty (credit to photographer)
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    "○ LOVE ○
    As cheesy as it sounds, Rose sees love everywhere, in her parents' eyes when they look at each other, in the smallest of gestures between friends, and in her own heart that has been misbehaving since her first year at Hogwarts. She's hopeless." — @mckinnons
  • Eye candy British model Henry Pedro Wright NSMBL
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    "○ HUGO ○
    Though not as close as some siblings, Rose is extremely protective over her brother and tries desperately to keep him out of the careful eyes of the Wotter Watch vultures. He hates being babied, but Rose can't help it." — @mckinnons
    Henry Pedro Wright. The name probably doesn’t sound too familiar yet, but the fashion industry is starting to buzz about this young male model. Henry was the first black male model to get to walk a Prada show, and he’s also walked for Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss, Alexander McQueen and Tommy Hilfiger. Magazines like Vogue […]
  • ‘Granny’ Hair Trend Young Women Are Dyeing Their Hair Gray
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    "○ STYLE ○
    A mix of boho and hand-me-downs (read: taken from her cousins), Rose loves floral patterns, skirts, and off the shoulder tops. Anything that catches her eye can be sure to be in her closet within the week." — @mckinnons
    Young women around the world have gotten fed up with how good older silver vixens can sometimes look with their gray hair and have started dying their hair gray as well. Whether it's an act of jealous appropriation or a tacit nod to the older ladies that know how to rock their silver locks, this gray hair trend has a way of turning heads.
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    "○ 12 WAFFLING AVE ○
    A cozy flat in Le Fay Square with a bunch of natural light thanks to the huge windows. It's filled to the brim with books and plants, as well as quilts knitted by her gran and Grace. It's her safe haven, the place she can hide out in." — @mckinnons
    insta; minipinkmermaid.?⭐️ on We Heart It
  • she's learnt the lightning's secret
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    "○ ANXIETY ○
    Her mental illness has been her biggest enemy since she was young. No matter how she fights it, it always somehow manages to sneak around her defenses and ruin her in a different way. She's constantly worried about it. It's mostly a secret." — @mckinnons
    prepare to be disappointed
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    An iced coffee that's way too sweet for some people. But Rose loves cream and sugar, and all flavored coffee." — @mckinnons
    sometimes, love just isn't enough.
  • she's learnt the lightning's secret
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    "○ HOOKUPS ○
    They solely act as a distraction for Rose. Still hung up on certain feelings she has, she's thrown herself into these one night stands when she can forget her heart if just for a moment." — @mckinnons
    prepare to be disappointed
  • ☾
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    While Rose is a typical Hufflepuff with her kind and hardworking nature, there's more to her than meets the eye. Importantly, she's fierce and clever, though some don't expect it. She can handle herself in bickering but often doesn't just" — @mckinnons
    mayra | i re-made (used to be mangobabe420)
  • SweetLolita
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    because she doesn't want to be involved. What most people don't know is she has extremely low self esteem and is too self sacrificing. She always wants to focus on others rather than herself. B/c of that she's very secretive." — @mckinnons
  • AllSaints Tumblr
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    Rose is constantly adjusting some part of her appearance, whether it be her hair or outfit, she's fixing /something/, if she's nervous at least. She also tends to get lost in thought halfway through her sentence." — @mckinnons
    AllSaints collections mix Culture, Fashion & Music into a powerful formula of confident clothing that expresses individuality Allsaints is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • photo
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    "You absolute twat."
    "Gosh, it's a beautiful day."
    "I may have baked five batches of cookies last night."
    "My life is a joke."
    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"
    "Eegy is mine now."
    "Do you see that dog?"
    "Bugger."" — @mckinnons
  • Drugs r 4 thugs
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    "○ SEXUALITY ○
    Rose is bisexual. She's attracted to both good looking guys and girls, sexually and romantically. Rose hasn't really made a big deal of her sexuality, but all of her family and friends know." — @mckinnons
    Hi I'm Talia I'm 15, and from Chicago. I like art, music, and pizza. I try to write from time to...
  • light, words, and lovely things
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    "○ THE FUTURE ○
    Rose always thought she knew what she wanted: write a book, be with her loved ones, fall in love, be happy. But things are getting complicated and she's finding herself more confused than positive about her future." — @mckinnons
    "'Dear old world,' she murmured. 'You are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.'"
  • labyrinth
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    "○ LONDON ○
    She spent her childhood in the countryside, but that was never what she wanted. She felt isolated from the rest of the world and so the city is where she wants to stay. Whether it's in England or somewhere far away." — @mckinnons
    — we thought we were immortal — I'm Hannah. An introvert from NY, in love with the world and some other things.
  • this too, shall pass
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    "○ NICKNAMES ○
    Rose absolutely adores nicknames. Call her what you will, Rosie, Ro, Bud (that's reserved for Albus however), honestly anything you think of!" — @mckinnons
  • Tatuajes de los puntos cardinales
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    "○ TATTOOS ○
    Currently Rose has three tattoos: a small semicolon on her left wrist, a (racing) heart rate line over her heart, a flower and branch crossed on the back of her neck." — @mckinnons
    Los tatuajes de los puntos cardinales son un motivo elegido por hombres y por mujeres en igual medida. Esto se debe a que es un diseño en el que lo más importante es el significado, más allá de cuales sean sus cualidades estéticas.
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    Rose had to learn how to live with her anxiety because she didn't really want to involve doctors. The best ways she gets it under control are writing, baking, and talking to her friends about anything but the anxiety." — @mckinnons
    I like my life gold, my clothes black, and my tea green.
  • Kick at the Darkness
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    "○ TAROT CARDS ○
    Rose picked them up during Hogwarts but never really did anything with this odd hobby of hers until she put it to use with her research on muggle magic. She tends to obsess over the meanings so that she can give people accurate readings." — @mckinnons
    "Kick, and kick, at the darkness till it bleeds light." *This blog does not promote the acts of self...
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    Rose feels like she has a responsibility to everyone to make them happy which happens to ruin her own happiness sometimes. But she's so obsessed with making sure everyone else is okay that she doesn't even realize it at times." — @mckinnons
    i like my life gold, my clothes black, and my tea green.
  • just a beautiful blonde
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    "○ LOYALTY ○
    If Rose is anything, she's loyal. An argument doubting her loyalty makes zero sense because she gives up everything for her friends and family. Being true to them is all that matters because she loves them." — @mckinnons
  • Where love is lost your ghost is found; ♥
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    "○ WRITING ○
    From coping mechanism to career, writing has been something that's always existed in Rose's life. She started off writing terrible stories and now is researching muggle magic. She couldn't be happier about it too." — @mckinnons
  • her bones were made of chaos
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    Rose Weasley loves her friends to death. Most of them happen to be family as well which just makes Rose love them even more. She doesn't stand for any of them feeling bad about themselves and will appear with cookies and a hug." — @mckinnons
    briana, unfortunately i'm boring
  • can you not via Tumblr We Heart It
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    "○ AMORENTIA ○
    apples, fresh sea water, lavender, pencil shavings" — @mckinnons
    can you not | via Tumblr on We Heart It
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    "○ PATRONUS ○
    A hedgehog -- represents her kind but fierce nature, as hedgehogs seem sweet, but are not to be perceived to be weak. She too may be a good person, but that doesn't mean she'll allow her kindness to be taken advantage of." — @mckinnons
    Untitled on We Heart It
  • the voyager
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    "○ BOGGART ○
    Her idea of Atlas bearing the heavens on his shoulders. Rose is deathly afraid of failing people and not living up to their expectations. She just wants everyone to be happy which sometimes makes her forget about her own happiness." — @mckinnons
  • helene.ceceile
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    Though Rose hates Wotter Watch and all the attention that comes with it, she's a sucker for instagram and snapechat, as well as a few other platforms. She's very active on them, but mostly keeps them up for her family, not WW." — @mckinnons
    Madeleine, 24. Napa, CA. Fashion + Food + Travel
  • her bones were made of chaos
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    "○ PETS ○
    Rose is the proud mum of a really dumb pug named Hamlet, also known as Ham or Hammy. She just had to pay homage to the emo Shakespearian character." — @mckinnons
    briana, unfortunately i'm boring
  • Finn Jones Fans
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    U g h. Colin was supposed to be the first of many one night stands, until he stayed a little longer than one night. Try a few months. Even though they broke up, Rose can't help but call him sometimes to invite him back into her bed." — @mckinnons
  • I love food.
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    "○ SECRECY ○
    There are certain things that in order to remain sane, Rose has to keep to herself. Usually they're not big deals, but other times you'd be surprised how long Rose kept important things secret from her friends and family." — @mckinnons
  • photo
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    Rose found a home in Hufflepuff. Her housemates were some of the kindest and most generous souls she ever met. She values their friendships so, so much and wouldn't trade them in for anything." — @mckinnons
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    "○ INSPIRED BY ○
    Scott McCall (TW), Jess Day (New Girl), Chris Pratt, Anna Kendrick, Rachel Green (Friends)" — @mckinnons

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