{This set is made by request from my co-moderator (and awesome friend) @annashreder, the story is in her POV.}
I was driving from work to my weekly drawing-class, in a bit of a hurry, since I was a little late. I drove in on the parking lot, parked my Motorcycle and started run toward the building where my class was held.

Suddenly a black SUV stopped right in front of me.

“Hey! Watch where you’re driving, idiot!” I jelled at the driver and then continued running.

When I got into the classroom, there was several easels placed around was looked like a large piece of rock. I striped out of my riding suit, picked one of the last easels, retrieved a canvas, some charcoal and other drawing things. A few minutes later, our teacher, Tess, started the lesson. We were going to paint a model sitting on the rock, but the model was late. Moments later, a tall man with short, blondish hair walked through the door.

“Joseph, finally! Why don’t you use the bathroom to get ready?” Tess said, pointing toward the bathrooms.

5 minutes later Joseph walked out from the bathroom, wearing a rob. I started wondering why the guy looked familiar, then it hit me, he was the driver in the SUV. I felt bad that I’d been so rude to him.

“Hey, I don’t know if you remember me, but we “met” outside on the parking lot for a short moment. I just wanted to apologize for being rude.”

“Water under the bridge, love, but if you want to make it up to me, why don’t you let me buy you a cup of coffee later?” Joseph said with a cute British accent and smiled, showing of his adorable dimples.

Then he walked up to the rock and with a smirk (looking directly at me), he removed the rob and sat down on the rock. That was when I realized that he was NAKED! All the other women started drawing while giggling, while it took me a little longer to stop drooling, then I got myself together and started drawing, too. The problem was that he kept looking at me, making me a bit unconformable. That was the most embarrassing 60 minutes of my life!

Afterwards, we got that coffee and talked for what felt like hours…fully dressed! Then we parted with switching phone numbers.


Sorry that it took so long, Anna... Hope you like it... Sorry that there isn't any pickup-line.... maybe you can come up with one =D

I know, the doll is VERY bad... But it's my first try, and I couldn't find any doll-head of Joseph Morgan.
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