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He looked across at the girl standing over from him, finding it hard to believe that she was the dame girl he'd met seven months ago.

What was it that Lincoln had once said? 'At lot can change in a short space of time, not always for the best but for a reason.'

Looking at her, he wondered what that reason was. She'd lost the look of innocence she'd had when they'd met, replaced by a look of steely determination. Not that she wasn't determined before, just not so outwardly so.

They were sitting on the floor of the training room, mostly used for practice and work outs now that they had all except for Zelda finished their training.

He bit his lip before asking what everyone was wondering but wouldn't asked, "Are you and Zave still a thing? Or?"

She shook her head, pushing a piece of hair that had fallen on her face out of her eyes, "No. I mean I'm not sure about us anymore, you know?" She winced automatically regretting her choice of words.

He stiffened, before shaking it off. He and Griffin had broken up the week before for multiple amount of reasons, "Yeah, I guess, Zee."

She gave him a half smile, "Are you okay though? I heard what happened..."

He gave her a weak grin back, "I don't think anyone didn't hear." Shaking his head again, he said, "Weren't you going to show me that thing with your crossbow?"
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Wrote 4 years ago
love this! The layout it perfect :)


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