How You Find Out You’re A Demigod Set/Your First Monster Attack

I had written this for the intro set, but it fits here better.

It was the last day of school and everyone was throwing papers in the air. I almost crawled out of the hallway, my only friend—who was stuck in a wheelchair—tried to keep up with me.
“Jeez, Dallas wait up!” He cried behind me, as a football jock launched himself onto another guy.
“Sorry!” I ran back to him, pushing his chair through the crazy commotion.
“Okay, why are you rushing?” He asked, confused.
“I kinda wanna get out of here, in case you didn't notice.” I said coolly. Actually, I was kinda hiding from that one nerdy guy who promised to take me out on a date when I clearly didn't ask him to. It was such a mean move from my part, but the guy reeked of desperate.
“Wait, you're not running because of Nicholas, are you?”
“Ew, even the name sounds gross.” I whined, making our way to the ramp.
“That guy is perfectly fine, he's brilliant in Math!” He squeaked and I rolled my eyes. “I wish I were half as good as he is.”
“Nobody likes Math, duh.” I said as we waited in the bus stop.
“Well maybe you should just give him a try.”
“How about no?” I rolled my eyes and grabbed our backpacks as the bus came to a stop.
“Something's not right.” Logan said just as we were about to board.
“Kid, you getting in or not?” The bus driver asked impatiently. I looked at Logan, who seemed to be contemplating... or smelling?! The air.
“Nope, we're not, sorry.” Just as we turned, a giant creaky sound came from behind, I looked and saw the bus literally being crushed for no apparent reason. The people that were inside were running on the streets yelling 'earthquake!' but I didn't feel the ground moving at all. That had been caused by someone... or something.
“Dallas, don't freak out on me, promise?” Logan asked, making a gesture to get up from his chair. I looked at him bewildered, because really, he can't stand up.
“What do you think you're doing? You're gonna get hurt!” I yelled at him, at the same time a loud bang seemed to turn the bus into a metal ball. The weirdest thing crawled from beside the ball. It had wings and looked like a woman.
I screamed, “That's not human!” Just as the hideous creature approached us at a remarkable speed.
“Stupid demigods, they always think they're better than us.” The creature rolled its eyes and jumped on top of me while I stood there, frozen, screaming my lungs out. I didn't care if the whole world watched. I was being attacked by some stupid thing that believed I was a god? Did I hear correctly?
All of a sudden, from the other side of the street Logan was running towards us... RUNNING! Logan! My friend who until today had been stuck on a wheelchair! I stayed on the ground, watching the fight fold out in front of me.
“Dallas, a little help would be great!” Logan screamed, just as he hit the evil creature from behind. “It's a harpy!”
“What do I do?” I squealed in terror.
“Your watch! Press that one weird button you've always wanted to press!”
“But that button is stuck...” I said, pushing it hopelessly. All of a sudden, my watch wasn't there anymore. It had been replaced by a pretty awesome trident! I threw the trident onto the creature, watching it dissolve in front of us instantly.
I stood there for a minute, trying to catch all of this in my head. Logan had furry legs. We had just been attacked by a monster. I killed it with my watch. My watch is a trident.
“How long have you known?” I asked, kinda confused.
“Ever since I met you.” Logan replied, shrugging and getting back in wheelchair mode.
“Why didn't people freak out?” I demanded since no one really came to rescue us.
“Because of the mist.” He said. “It's this thing in the air that doesn't allow regular humans to creatures...”
“You've got a lot of explaining to do.” I said sitting in an empty bench.
“Of course. But first we better get you to camp.”
“Camp?” I asked. Great, now he wanted to go to summer camp. What about my job?
“Camp Half-Blood, where you belong.” And with that, I knew there were other people like me and it kind of gave me hope.
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